David Sedaris on men calling him 'boss'

On a related note I wouldn’t mind seeing the term “guru” go away, in the context of IT, business etc.


I always used ma’am. I dunno if that irked younger women or not. I dunno, I was just raised on ma’am and sir. Miss always sounded too informal (unless it is a specific person, Miss Smith or Mrs. Jones).

And honestly when I think about it, I don’t want to be the one who gets to decide who is a miss and who is a ma’am. I am just going with the default. Please don’t be mad with me, I just want to ring up your stuff and Walmart.

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I’m irked by bro, brutha, or bruv. About 10 years ago it happened a lot from people that I didn’t know at all. To me it’s a familiarity that’s way out of line. I mean I do have friends I consider brothers but it’s not some rando I just met. I assume anyone who uses that is trying to scam me.


Seconded! It’s only ever used in obnoxious contexts as far as I have seen. When describing over-rated software engineers, or by fake medicine quacks, for example.

I grant one exception retroactively to the Guru Meditation Error from Amiga OS.


If a job uses the terms “guru” (or “rock star”) I run away screaming. New Age ideological supplements to Capitalist Realism just gross me out.


Yeah, you want a rock star? Hire a drummer. You want some code? Let’s talk.

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Maybe I’ll use the response from now on, “Just call me ‘Daijoubu’” That’ll teach em!

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