Supercut of casual, chortling sexism on Fox News


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I made it 2:55 in before I threw up in my office and had to stop watching.

Do I win a prize or something?


No, but you can have a GG hug for your pain… Incredibly gross stuff (not the GG hug, but the Fox News BS).


In that hug, I’d be Betty White (looking uncomfortable at all the human contact).
But thanks!

Now I just need to find a way to clean the carpet here…


I hate middle aged white men. I’m so sad that I’m going to be one someday…


Cmon, it’s like saying “this just in, racists hate those dissimilar to them”.

There are some reaction shots by the women on the shared panels that are “I don’t get paid enough for this” to which I answer, you already sold your soul, no point in balking over the price now…

-10 points for anyone who defends Fox with “…but their primary audience is men over 60”


Right?! At least I won’t be old, white and rich. I’ve got that going for me :smiley:

…wait, I picked the wrong two & I didn’t even get a choice in the matter :frowning:


I didn’t make it past a minute. And it reminds me of the old tropes of self hating jew, or gay homophobe, this sense of disgust at my own gender… how is it that men think so little of themselves that they have to act this way toward women in order to feel OK? It’s like a white person celebrating the accident of having been born white, as something they can somehow claim credit for, that marks them as better than someone else.

Me, I suppose you might call me a sexist, since I tend to be mistrust full of men, and all my good friends happen to be women. Yeah, there are plenty of guys out there who don’t talk like fox, but it does feel like we’re in the minority a lot of the time.


I made it through the whole thing. And now I have to shower. With bleach. And steel wool.



Scrub hard.


Man I hate Hannity. I mean, I hate all of them, but I really hate Hannity.


Scrub all you like. . . it doesn’t come off.


This is why Trump will win the GOP nomination.


I am already there… If you play your cards right you don’t end up like that.


Can’t watch it…I know it would cause me to have a heart attack from my blood pressure shooting up so high.


I’m not gonna watch it, looking at the comments here, I think that means I win!

Edit: Ah man, why’d I watch it!


Masochistic tendencies? The Human desire to see a train wreck? Wanting to create a sense of superiority over those trolls?


Are you my therapist?


Should I be?

To be fair, it’s probably pretty easy to feel superior to these mouth breathers… they set a low bar.


Is this the Questions thread?