Fox News host mimicks Ivanka Trump sex move, takes abrupt vacation

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So THAT’S what it takes for FOX News to act responsibly; the potential for lawsuits. Now that we know which button to press…!


I had forgotten about this sleezeball.

I suppose his advocates will say his 1st Amendment rights are being trampled upon by the Fox News PC Police.

Also, this was directed towards Ivanka. If it was Michelle Obama, it would have been perfectly fine.


Yeah that guy’s out.
I tried to watch that O’Reilly clip but I couldn’t make it past the intro music.
If that is what is seen as acceptable…


Only if they completely lack an understanding of the First Amendment, which is to say, most Americans.


Why does cable news bring these people on television? It’s not like this CNN segment has meaningful dialogue either, with 4 fucking guests all it turns into is the host saying “let’s watch this other media companies clip, do you think it is bad?” “Yes” “Yes” “No” “I first I was like Yes, but now I’m like No”

Things don’t need to be presented as balanced, this isn’t news this is all opinion, and focused voices provide insight and context snippets never will. It’s just unwatchable all all-around.


That Chinatown segment… I just can’t even… There are clips of Beverly Hills Ninja in it!


How is it more racist when it is back in the studio?


Heh, what an obnoxious broseph jerk. This dude is basically professionally radioactive now and it’s awesome.

On a related note, does anybody else feel like they’re developing a fairly serious schadenfreude habit? I started using as just an occasional thing, you know, every couple years with friends at a party, but these last few months I’ve been getting doses more and more regularly. I can totally quit it any time I want but…


Can we convince these people to stop the false equivalency that hiring people = respect for all people like them. Of course he hires people, that’s what business owner’s do.


You mean casual sexism isn’t okay anymore??? Thanks, liberals!


It would be nice to think that Watters is in trouble due to his misogyny, but I suspect that he’s actually in trouble because he committed lèse majesté.


Fox News Comedy Hour at its best. Or worst.

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So. Even IF you could think he wasn’t making a “salacious remark” and you can say he said what he said take it on face value as Kayleigh McEnany is trying to state…

How can you not just READ HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION and see he has this douchey look and grin that screams he is totally making an innuendo.


Dang, missed it, and I was watching Watters show that day too. On account of I was switching back and forth between that and Ow, My Balls!



Of course I respect women! Why, I have even hired women!

Of course I believe in racial equality! I have even hired some of them!

Of course I support strong families! I have hired people who are part of families!.

Sheesh. I almost admire people with the nerve to make arguments like that.


I love this post because it’s a video of a panel of cable news commentaters commenting on the comments of a commentator at another cable news network. And a commentator at Boing-Boing commented on the comments of the commentators commenting on the comments of the other commentator! How deep is that tail down that snake’s throat anyway?!

The crux of the disagreement was that several of the commentators thought the comment was a joke and several thought it wasn’t. You can’t make stuff like this up!

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Not in and of itself; they settled $13 million worth of those to keep O’Reilly around.

This isn’t about upsetting people or getting sued or making inappropriate comments on air, it’s about a guy who was foolhardy enough to direct that sexist drivel at Team Trump.


And I’m guessing that they’d like to nip Jesse and his hijinks in the bud before he goes even further. (That assumes that Jesse didn’t already have any secret settlements made on his behalf, also. The guy is a loose cannon.)

That may well be part of it, but refer to my remark above re what I see as FOX’s ‘preventative maintenance’. And your post reminded me that FOX could suffer re sponsorship; there’s that also.


Agreed. It’s not about respecting women, it’s about respecting the women connected to powerful men. Not because they are human beings, but because they are under “protection” of those powerful men.


Something being a joke doesn’t mean it’s appropriate or not shitty.


Yo dawg, I like comments so I thought I’d comment on you’re comment, so I can comment on commentators commenting on the comment of other commentators comments while commentating on your comment about commentators comments all while commenting about comments.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, nice comment comment.

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