#DavosStandard should be for all of us

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I guarantee that there are covidiot politicians and business executives who support them at Davos who are following the rules without a word of complaint. As with education and LGBTQ and reproductive rights, they behave very differently in their personal lives and in their exclusive circles when it comes to COVID precautions than how they urge their Know-Nothing marks to act.


Plenty of the attendees at David will enjoy their lovely clean air - then immediately go home and continue to promote the extraction of coal, oil and gas; the sake of petrol and diesel vehicles; lobby for airport expansion…


While this all sounds lovely, how many of them didn’t mask up on the plane ride over, and four days into the meeting will have a 50/50 chance of flagging a fast test or showing symptoms?


In their private jets? No cattle class for Davos ghouls.


[side-eyes own HEPA insallation which has one central air vent regularly blowing dust all up in a bathroom.] Unworthy in particular here. All the world’s a temperature-regulated, dark-field inverted microscope stage and I need to go play more. <3


The new upper-echelons at my employer have decreed:

  • Everyone back in the office every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Vaccines no longer required
  • COVID dashboard has been taken down from the intranet - we no longer know how many cases we have or where we had them and when
  • The “Future of Work” intranet page will be retired at the end of the month because “the future is now!”

I really hope the guard changes again soon.


Meanwhile, a Florida Man is banning all COVID mandates in order to…I’m a little fuzzy here…kill more grandmas?


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