Days Gone developers tease new game

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I put tens of hours into Days Gone because I got it for free with my PS5.

I was happy with my enjoyment/cost ratio.


Maybe they’ll double down, and Days Gone 2 (Days Goner? Weeks Gone? 2 Days 2 Gone?) will be about an even bigger, whiter, blander guy. I can’t wait to find out!

I’d love them to call the sequel, “Days Gone Woke”, and make a zillion bucks :rainbow: :rainbow_flag:

Just played it on my PC last month, it was a solid game, very enjoyable.

That first time you have to take out a horde all on your own with nothing but some molotovs and a few machine guns that suddenly seem very inadequate… I haven’t had a moment that tense playing a game in many years.

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