DB Cooper mystery: new dig for evidence underway on Washington river bank

Draw two lines from where the cracks are in the trees… where they intersect lies DB’s monies!




I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to twig the idiocy of this.


Yeah, but the

authorities never checked this particular area.

so … :man_shrugging:

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He was raptured up, right?

This sounds like the basis for the “Blade of Ochi” MacGuffin.

If DB Cooper survived to the ground (maybe, but he was in a light suit in the middle of winter on a rainy night above Mt. Rainier’s forest), he would have been hard pressed to figure his way to a road, and almost certainly died. If not on the way down, probably on hitting the ground or within a day or so from hypothermia or predators. Or doing something stupid like falling off a ledge into the river.


I found his talk. It was about the tie and tie particles. If one is a fan of DB Cooper, I think you will find it interesting. I am not really a fan, but still found it interesting.

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Did he use his feet to show size of fish ? Like that spooky cartoon …

He got away with it or didn’t get away with it by dying. Either way, it’s been over for years.

Besides, if Leonard Nimoy couldn’t find him no one can.


I don’t buy this. It’s a pretty mild environment, even in a rainy November. And it seems that his drop site couldn’t have been more than 50 miles from civilization: easily walkable for a fit person even in loafers.

He had plenty of cash for a taxi, change of clothes, and train ticket to Mexico.

If you want a History Chanel special just find whichever 3 inch patch of dirt hasn’t been checked by THEM for A THING and git to diggin.


That’s the thing, though- millions of things could have happened. However the evidence says he was dead seconds after stepping off that retractable stairway, being untrained and incorrectly equipped for a high altitude, high velocity parachute jump.

With stories like this, people always fixate on the possibilities and seek data to support their ideas. As with all forms of inquiry, that’s backwards. The right approach is to follow the evidence and deduce outcome from that.

Cooper died and a few thousand Washington suburbanites found a Benjamin on the ground one day, marveled at their good luck, and got on with their lives.


50 miles is NOT easily walkable out of Mt. Rainier National park, for a guy in a thin soaked through leisure suit and no provisions.

Also it was the 1970s. There really wasn’t the level of development there is today.

You really really are underestimating how fast, and deadly hypothermia is. Especially combined with wind and rain.

He’d definitely be badly chilled just by the time he got to the ground. Do you think he knew how to find tinder and kindling and make a fire in this area while it’s wet? It’s certainly doable but can often prove difficult. Even for people who know the tricks.

And I simply don’t believe he survived the wet and cold so poorly prepared without at the very least a fire. And I doubt he’d have the accumen necessary to defeat the thwarting conditions.


I don’t want to spend a lot of time arguing about this… but he had a trench coat and two parachutes (even if the spare had been sown shut, there was a parachute in it). That’s a lot of material to work with. I could certainly find a way to keep myself warm on a November Western Cascades night with two parachutes worth of silk. Silk is an amazing material; relatively water-resistant, and you can layer it to build a world-class thermal insulating shell.

He might have had a good knife (he had at least a fake bomb).

And while we’re speaking of evidence… There’s no body.


K, so I forgot about the spare etc.

And on there being no body, yeah, people disappear up in the mountains full of predators without a trace.

You should start checking the cougar and wolf poop.


If he’d managed to A) survive the descent and B) make it out of the mountains to safety then why leave a bunch of the bills behind? The money was the entire point of pulling that dangerous stunt in the first place.


DB Cooper was just an alias. His real name was Don Draper.


I’m gonna correct myself: the ‘chutes were probably nylon. Still good for water resistance, and pretty good for insulation.

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