Celebrate the mystery of D.B. Cooper at this weekend's DBCooperCon in Portland!


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Admission is free!*

*but the minimum drink purchase is $200,000 (cash bar) and you can only get to the location by parachuting in from a 727…


For the record the (presumable) pseudonym used by the hijacker was just “Dan Cooper.” The FBI briefly questioned a “D.B. Cooper” on the off chance that the guy was dumb enough to buy a ticket under his real name and the media happened to get wind of it.


I was so disappointed that the final episode of Mad Men wasn’t about Don Draper assuming Burt Cooper’s identity and boarding an airplane in those glasses.


The name, “DB Cooper,” appears in the credits for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Spotted it yesterday.


This sounds interesting I wish I could… drop in.



My old neighbor claimed that I should quit accusing him of being DB Cooper.


So THAT’S how he had the know-how to use a parachute.


Per the Jimbopedia entry, that’s actually one of the theories.


This sounds like it will be a fun little con for a niche group of people.

The cosplay is probably pretty repetitive, though.



Obligatory Without a Paddle gif:


You beat me to it.



Yeah I guess there is Dan wearing a dummy parachute, and Dan wrapped around a tree…



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