The story of D.B. Cooper, the only unsolved hijacking in American history


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I thought they solved that.



My crazy smart friend, the one who helped with the “coloration of dinosaurs” paper, is also into trying to figure out what happened to D. B. Cooper. He has been featured on a handful of documentary shows.


If you want to get away with the perfect crime it doesn’t hurt to have a huge volcanic eruption destroy any lingering hope of forensic evidence.


It was Jimmy James, I tell you!


Or woman


Or three kids in a trench coat.


only unsolved hijacking in American history

Uhhh, citation needed? That’s just a very big claim to make. And keep in mind, hijacking need not mean airline: boat, bus, a lot of ways that could go down, and not make nearly as big headlines in the process.


Richard III had a good run:


He is not Doobie Keebler!


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