Skyjacker D.B. Cooper living like royalty in Nepal, and other tabloid stunners


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What about Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken? Weren’t they mentioned anywhere this week?

I mean, allegedly Mr. Wagner’s ready to die, and be charged with murder in regards to Natalie Wood’s death, and is/was Mr. Walken’s lover?

So many questions…


Now that the Weekly Word News is no more (websites don’t count), why even bother?

That paper was the best, bar none!


DB Cooper died after a brief fight with cancer in Las Vegas NV about 7 years ago… Never went to India, but did travel regularly in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.


I enjoy these.


There never was a “skyjacker D.B. Cooper”. The name the skyjacker gave (presumably an alias) was “Dan Cooper”. People started calling him “D.B. Cooper” after a reporter mixed his name up with the name of a man who was briefly investigated because of the similarity and quickly cleared.



I loved the first few of these repetitious stories!


We all know this, but Dan Cooper will always be known as D.B. Cooper in the mythology.


She prefers to be known as Fran Cooper.


This stuff shits me hard, because it implies the existence of large numbers of people monumentally stupid enough to buy it. I fucking hate being reminded that demographic exists.


You joke, but…


I’ll be damned.


Well, she had the money for the surgery.:wink:


I would say that DB Cooper was more likely Northwest Airlines employee and former WW2 US Army paratrooper Kenneth Peter Christiansen. Video on him from June, 2015:

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