FBI closes D.B. Cooper hijacking case


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D.B. Cooper is Phil Coulson!


I want to believe https://xkcd.com/1400/


Thank God, I can stop hiding now.


The FBI, after 45 years of investigation,



I would like to propose that Dan “D.B.” Cooper was actually The Zodiac Killer, if only because that makes it easy to wrap up both unsolved crimes.

Oh, and he killed Jimmy Hoffa too.




I wish they would offer a Cooper a full pardon in exchange for coming forward. Enough time has passed and there’s no risk to the public.


No, it’s a trap! They’re making a big show of easing off in order to get you sloppy and careless, just like with Hillary!


I still think this would have made Mad Men’s finale ten times greater.


Don’t be silly; it was Jimmy James;


I dunno…

(okay, he would have been 12 in 1971 but…)


Dude’s dead. Nobody in their right mind makes that jump and for good reason.


What are the odds that any of the four parachutes were functional?


That would be 100%. The reason he asked for 4 chutes was to ensure they would all be functional. Think about it.


One of them wasn’t, though. Although that was apparently accidental.


$200,000 in 1971 would be less than $1.2M today. I thought maybe it was so little due to weight concerns, but $200K in hundred dollar bills only weighs 2kg. For such a daring caper I’d need a bigger payday.


That’s unknown. 2 chutes were left on the plane. The other 2 were never found. No one knows if the one he wore deployed or not.


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