Dead 2017 pop culture trends are laid to rest in this art teacher's front lawn

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So white it’s like an early snowfall.

Satire… :tangerine::poop: shot it in the streets of New York and it was buried in a shallow grave.

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Nice thing about being old is that some of these trends come and go without me even noticing. Never heard of dabbing until now.

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Seems unfair to me to blame the death of accountability on millennials. Among many other things, they didn’t elect Trump.


It seems tongue in cheek


Well then a teacher should be a bit clearer with his attempted use of irony. : )

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Wow that is one big case of “you kids get off my lawn!” Displayed on his lawn no less!

Somebody needs to tell him Those Kids have been No Damn Good since before the dawn of history. In fact, some of the Lascaux paintings have been deciphered to read “get off my cave.”


I need a tombstone that says “My Hopes and Dreams”
gentle chuckling gradually morphs into outright sobbing



Wow, this one really triggers me.

First: Too soon!

Second: We’ve no idea what the religion of Viserion was, but it would’ve been the Old Gods or the Lord of Light, and not some heretic carpenter.

Third: He’s not dead yet: he’s undead.

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I’m not sure “Low Voter Turnout Among Millenials” is a feather in their cap.

Good thing Irony has been dead for a long time now.

Somehow keeps dying over and over again, though.

They’re actually voting pretty consistently with other groups of similar age in previous elections, and significantly more of them voted in 2016 than 2012. It’s just that in 2008 a lot more of them were inspired to come out and vote for Obama.

So yes, it still seems to me that of all the age groups who could be blamed for Trump, the baby boomers are much more suitable.



There isn’t one for fidget spinners?

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