Dead body found in Texas's floating border barrier

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System working as intended I see. I bet Governor Abbott is handing out high-fives today


Abbott got what he wanted. an example. what a scumbag.


If a private citizen or even a corporation put a barrier like that somewhere, they could be charged criminally with at least manslaughter if not murder. You cannot install booby traps in or around your home or business. But the State of Texas does it, and I guess it’s ok? Abbott should be viewed as a war criminal at this point.


Not sure why the President doesn’t simply authorize a mission to remove this death trap. It’s the border. The courts have routinely ruled the government can do almost anything it wants at the border. Texas can sit there and fume over it.


at the very least he is guilty of human rights violations, since this is only a “war” in the minds of some anti-immigration extremists. these are people, most fleeing extreme poverty and dangerous cruelty. to meet the same kind of cruelty at the border, whether from CBP on horseback forcing them back into the river, or by separating family members, putting children in pens, or these floating barriers, is just too much. where is the compassion? they have none. joe needs to step in, now.


To be clear, I am not saying he literally is a war criminal. I agree there is no actual war. I’m just saying his actions are equal to those of a war criminal.


And then Texas comes immediately behind the federal cleanup crew and puts more buoys and barbed wire in the river, wasting a bunch of federal money undoing what Abbott did in the first place. Texas made this mess, let Texas clean it up (and pay for it.)


Deliver the body(ies) to Abbott’s office. Let him look in the face the horror he is perpetuating.



The Cruelty is the Point :dizzy:
(remains the GOPs unspoken brand slogan)


I bet Ron DeAsswipe is pissed Florida doesn’t have a international border defined by a river.


Sounds like it’s once again time for the US Calvery to invade Texas.

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Yeah, as if we should be caring about money in the face of putting up death traps. These things are not even going to be rounding errors to the military budget. Take down as many as they put up, and then worry about charging them after the fact – by which I mean legally not financially.


It’s be pretty tempting to get all executive-ordery and maybe a bit gunboaty about it if you were in Biden’s shoes. I know I would be

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¨If providing air conditioned buses to cities that welcome you and appreciate your contributions isn´t working, try slashing razor wire murder buoys instead!¨
– said no even remotely sane individual ever

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Pfffff! Amateur hour in Texas. Here in Europe we use the benefit of multinational social democracy to pool our resources to push them back with boats and drown children. And prosecute people attempting rescue as people traffickers.

Unfortunately this isn’t /s but instead pretty much straight reporting.

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