Texas Gov. Abbott’s antics kill three at the border

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Abbott’s willing to kill his own citizens (see Snowpocalypse '21). Why would he give a damn about some furriners?


I think you’re grossly underestimating how fucking awful abbott and the gop are if you think 3 deaths is anywhere near their desired level of cruelty.


Well, he is only 1/3 of the Troika; there’s a christofascist Lt. Governor & a criminal MAGAt Attorney Genral. Both of these fine gentlemen take their marching orders from some christofascist billionaires.

Still, Abbott keeps shipping people to Chicago, in the middle of winter, just to own the libs, or something…

It’s a goddamn shame that tree missed.

Uncle Joe needs to force Czar Abbott’s hand on this,
Let’s see just who will be arresting whom.

If true, this wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Doesn’t matter.
Those ‘officials’ have zero credibility, as far as I am concerned.


Texas officials have rejected that version of events and said that Mexican authorities were already recovering the bodies when border agents requested access.

I dare say that they waited until they could see dead bodies before they logged the Border Patrol’s request for access.


Has there been any reporting on the engagement rules for either Border Patrol or the Texas State Officials? Which state agency is it also? I didn’t see it in the article.

At some fundamental level this devolves into two people facing each other. One attempting to go somewhere and one telling them they cannot. It’s like a velvet rope, it only works if everyone agrees that it should work this way. What happens when Border Patrol ignores the request and tries to go to the border anyway?


They weren’t real children, they were just autonomous fentanyl! - Texas GOP


Fucking Unconscionable Monster.
I just cannot understand the awful cruelty.
That he shares this terrible mindset with the UK Prime Monster only makes it worse.
Bloody hateful.

Feel free, internet, to take the FUM acronym and apply to your favorite republican monstrous individual.


When you’re actions are more draconian than those of the Border Patrol, you’ve really hit a new bottom. “Those fascists are worse than these other fascists” isn’t exactly comforting.


There is no bottom. They have shovels.

Speaking of which, since DeSantis has dropped out of the race for POTUS, he & Abbott can now restart their contest of ‘Who can out-fascist the Other’.
It’s gonna be like watching a tennis match. Again.


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