Dead Celebrity (Part 2)

Now that is an appropriate time for thoughts and prayers. I hope Carter gets treated better by history than he was during his presidency.


I think he already has been. He’s widely praised for the work he’s done with Habitat for Humanity and election oversight around the world through the Carter Center. I’ve heard lots of people criticize Carter’s Presidency. I haven’t heard anyone other than Trump say anything bad about Carter as a person.

Back to Rosalynn, though, I didn’t realize until tonight just how involved she was in Carter’s Presidency. She regularly attended Cabinet meetings and sat in on security briefings. She didn’t self identify as a feminist, but she sure as hell was one. We need a movie. She deserves a movie.


Fortunately, historians have already been re-evaluating his presidency and finding it not nearly as bad as people (meaning mainly Republicans) like to say…

I have this on my to read list but haven’t gotten around to it quite yet.


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Wait…but if Carter wasn’t the worst, would that mean Reagan wasn’t really a savior who made America great? :astonished:


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FYI, the Carter center has a tribute page up for Mrs. Carter…

They have links in case anyone would like to donate to support her work on mental health and caregiving. No news yet on whether or not there will be any public services at the Carter center, but that will be posted there as well.


It just struck me that the Carter Presidency is the first one I actually have memories of. I was born in 1968, but the 1976 election is the first one I can remember (a little), and while Ford was obviously still President then, I don’t really remember him being President. I do remember Carter. So for me, the Carters have been a part of the world for as long as I remember the world. This really feels like the beginning of the passing of an era to me. It’s not really, but that’s how it feels to me.


I wish I remembered his presidency… the first president I remember is Reagan, and I hated him even as a little kid.

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Oliver Sacks wrote The President’s Speech about a neurology ward listening to a Reagan speech, which all the nurses and doctors thought was very heartfelt and convincing. The aphasia patients were all laughing like drains.

Sacks made the point that while these patients had difficulty with the meanings of words, some of them were so good at getting meaning from tone and context that you had to remove all inflection from your voice before you could properly test their aphasia. And they found Reagan’s presentation hilarious: his body language and his tone and his inflections were all contradicting each other. In terms of the non-linguistic presentation, it was a mess.

In the corner was another patient who had the opposite problem. His language centers were intact, but he couldn’t hear the tone or emotion in speech. He wasn’t laughing, but when asked what he thought, he said that the speech was logically disjointed, rambling, emotive, lacking reason or rationality, and generally less of an argument and more just emoting at the camera.

TL;DR: your instincts as a little kid were almost certainly bang on, for reasons neither you nor anyone around you could describe, but can probably be summarised as: You hadn’t learned yet how to be convinced by bullshit.


Yep. You could see that the emperor has no clothes.


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Same here.

It was President Carter who got sat down with President Fidel Castro at the funeral of Former :canada: PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Apparently that was a key event that opened up dialog with :cuba: again.

Those of us who grew up in a nuclear fambly remember Carter’s role in cleaning up the 1952 NRX accident at the AECL labs at Chalk River.

And Habitat’s ReStore is always our first stop for household stuff.

Come on :us:… you’re a huge nation with so many great people. Please do the world a solid and find another Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to be president!


Hopefully, I’m still skeptical of BS now… :woman_shrugging:

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And pictures from her life…

And more about her life… “steel magnolia” fit her well.


I saw the Furs in early October and he sounded amazing as did the rest of the band. Fuck cancer.

ETA here’s a photo from when I saw the Furs last month:


This wasn’t in the print edition until today:

He had just finished a show with [Ariana Grande] at the Manchester Arena in England in 2017 when a suicide bomber set off an explosion, killing 22 people and injuring hundreds of others. Two weeks later, Mr. Spears backed Grande in a benefit concert for victims of the attack at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

…and a local resident:

He and his wife lived in Prince George’s County, where he was the lead drummer at First Baptist Church of Glenarden. The day before he died, he played at three separate Sunday services, according to a church spokeswoman.

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He didn’t make it to his 24th birthday :cry: