Dead Man's Switch


Easy rules. If you post a date, and don’t post a reply after that, you are assumed dead, NSL’ed, really busy, or in jail.

Tuesday, September 8th, 1pm pacific.

Who is next?

Did you ever want to play questions?

Are you trying to break my heart?


Can’t we play warrant canary instead?


Just check in tuesday–ideally it will be a lovely weekend. But if not, Beschizza should have my GPS coords.

Besides, who else doesn’t do anything dangerous?



Heh, when is Your dead man’s switch?


05:33 BST, 4th September 2015.


December 31st, 2099, Midnight GMT.


#I’m Still


Weekend of July 9 2016. Any time will do. We’ll know by then.


@discbot roll 1D31536000+1441344798




@discbot roll 1D365
@discbot roll 1D24
@discbot roll 1D60

05/26/2016 @ 4:13pm (UTC)


@tropo the d365 dice reads: 265
@tropo the d24 dice reads: 10
@tropo the d60 dice reads: 27


Is there really any way to keep me off of here?


Discbot, you’re high.


Made it back, cancel the switch. You can ask details in a pm, but they are gory and unpleasant.

I also didn’t kill the other guy.


Whaddami meant tah do wit’ all dis here Rumchata!?

Should we call you The Highlander now? Are you the last?



A. 6775321 5534589 4564976 9021081 8675309 0741776 6666665 4815162
3424815 1623420 000000A 6969699

B. 3

C. 42



This guy should have punched the clock before going.