Dead poker player sits down for his last game


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Not surprising considering “two pair” was the best hand he was dealt all evening.


So ‘weekend at Bernie’s’ was pretty much a doco/how-to film?


This seems pretty cool. If my plans to live so long I die by gradual change instead of sudden cessation fall through, I hope my friends would be cool enough to include my corpse doing something we enjoyed in life…perhaps skydiving as never before.


Thanks, good PSA. Now I know to include a ‘no clown puppet’ addendum to my will.


It’s not impossible to come in second in a poker tournament while dead (or the functional equivalent). And while it’s not really a good strategy, you could occasionally finish in the money at a sufficiently large and aggro tournament simply by letting your corpse slowly fold away your blinds or antes while other players throw themselves into the meat grinder.

It’s a nice gesture to play one last round with him (if also slightly creepy) but if his friends really wanted to honor him they’d enter him in the WSOP and see where his steely discipline got him there.



There was a story going around a while ago about people doing this at NOLA funeral services…

Which I think is uber-cool and I kind of would want. Unfortunately, it also contradicts my desire to have a green funeral as posing the body like this would mean having to be embalmed so the body could be posed – or I’m assuming so. I’d guess you’d have a short period of rigor mortis, where if you move the body into position prior to that, you’d get a little while for the body to be posed. I forget how long rigor mortis lasts… I’m fairly certain that the Ask a Mortician lady probably covered that once…



By the directors of the Turn Down for What video…


If this gets traction, there could be money to made selling corpse exoskeletons made from reclaimed wood and disguised as clothes on Etsy.

Also, you could have the coolest Burning Man effigy ever.

The only danger is that friendships might get a bit tense when knocking off someone in your circle could lead to so much fun for the whole group.


I’d love a sky burial. The only problem I can envision is ensuring I’m in India when I cark it!


I always call this a bird-poop burial (as opposed to worm poop.) It’s great for those nice people who missed out on a chance to be vindictive in their lives.

I imagine a spirit somewhere is shrieking,“DEATH FROM THE SKIES!!!” over someone’s drying laundry.

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