Deadly showdown: Black widow vs. Venus fly trap

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Venus flytraps aren’t the easiest carnivorous plants to grow and I can tell you from experience they’re more likely to develop a kind of symbiotic relationship with the spiders which will build webs to trap what the plants don’t catch.

Maybe if you set them far enough from your lawn furniture they’ll draw the spiders away, though.


I used to have a proliferation of black widows all around my house and yard. I got used to them but they started to over populate, so one evening, just after dusk, I took a flashlight and rubber mallet and culled the herd. The light makes it easy to find them; the shadow they cast is a “dead” giveaway.

Nowadays, we have a proliferation of alligator lizards, who keep the BW population in check. We still have a couple here or there, but usually in places were the lizards don’t go. It’s amazing to watch the progression of nature over time,now that I have the perspective to know to observe.

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