Death metal band to play in soundproof, airtight box


And then…they die?

Where can I go to vote on which band goes in the box next?



Yeah, something doesn’t add up. They clearly aren’t committing suicide, so the oxygen is clearly not going to be allowed to run out.

Maybe they mean they’ll stop when the oxygen gets “rather low”, which is around the point you’d stop being able to perform strenuous physical activity because you’d be weak and light headed.

Either way, if the box actually -is- soundproof, why even perform? It’s not like anyone can tell the difference between you just sitting in there relaxing if it is.

But wait - how do they power the amp(s) and the electric instruments? Better question - how do you soundproof such a small room against the traditionally high decibels of Death Metal? Would being inside such a small room with such loud music hurt the occupants, especially if sound is unable to escape due to soundproofing and instead reverberates around inside?

Has anyone even heard of these guys before? And why is the Gherkin skyscraper (presumably) allowing and/or endorsing the stunt?

Now, that’s thinking outside the box.



Plastic bags over their heads would be much more expedient, although more likely to disturb the building’s occupants … before and after the artwork’s conclusion.

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Oh man have I got some box envy, I could really use that thing for my PhD project. Not for asphyxiating people, also for art.


Did you ever try to hold your breath until you die? You can’t… you’ll pass out first. And most of us, self included, won’t even get that far. Panic wins.

Suffocation isn’t a sudden event - it’s a slow process. I imagine they’ll get punchy after a while, and then sleepy, and then the show’s over. Or maybe they’re doing a Penn & Teller on us.

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I suspect that they intend to play until they collapse, at which point someone will let them out.

And then they can tell people they’re so hardcore they rocked out until they almost died.


If it is soundproofed, how do they know when the oxygen runs out?


Playing metal until you die? THAT IS THE MOST BRUTAL THING EVER!

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Holding your breath doesn’t work because there’s still oxygen available to breathe. Sealing yourself in an airtight, soundproof box “until the oxygen runs out” is hardly comparable.

Also, did you not read past the first paragraph of the post you quote? The very next line is:

You don’t need to educate me on suffocation. Do we have to educate you about reading comprehension? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can Creed be next?

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Occasionally, yes.

Yes, if there is anything that Death Metal bands are concerned about, it is preserving their hearing though judicious use of appropriate volume levels.

If you’re asking “why”, the answer is “Because it’s fucking metal!!!”

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Whether or not they already damage their hearing normally, what I’m interested in is if being in a cramped soundproof metal box would enhance the problem in any way.

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Probably, and that makes it even more metal.


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