Death, Taxes and Jackbox Games' Party Packs

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The “You Don’t Know Jack” games go back to 1995, when I was playing the first releases with friends in college, all gathered around my desktop monitor.


So…if there was a video of the robot rap battle mini game, what would it look like?

…asking for a friend

huh. I was recently on a Jury for a Federal Case and “Playing Jackbox” was part of the testimony and evidence. Neither the Prosecutors nor the Defense, seemed to know what it was and were unable get a witness to describe to us what it was other than “something you play online via Zoom”.

I wish they would stop screwing around with these and do a new You Don’t Know Jack game.

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Yep. I also played that! Recently one of my partners had a gathering with their branch of the polycule. I’m the oldest member in that subgroup and some of my metamours are much younger than I am (still adults, mind you!) We ended up playing some of the Jackbox Games and I quite enjoyed it, but there was a WTF moment as at least two of us realized we were playing the previous versions of these before the youngest people had been born!

I had not played a YDKJ game in many years and quite enjoyed it, although of course the people I was with helped tremendously. We’re absolutely planning to include the games in future gatherings.

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