Deborah Ann Woll and Joe Manganiello talk about acting, roleplaying, and D&D's unique form of storytelling

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just read this article on Joe’s work at a children’s hospital.

he’s a good soul and good ambassador for the game


Somewhat related, Joe Manganiello was just in Pittsburgh taking time to teach kids at Children’s Hospital to play D&D as a way to get “away” for a while



D&D as performance is fucking great for people like me who don’t have a chance to hook up with a group to play. Podcasts and D&D in particular are like macaroni and cheese. such a creamy age for listening to collborative storytelling with randomized turns of events. Over the last 10 years I’ve been working on a pencil&paper RPG based on my non-profit’s work, and I can’t imagine anyone but my colleagues would ever want to play, but it could make for some fun pod.


Your work isn’t enough, you want to roleplay your work in your time off? You know most people use RPGs as an escape?


Well, the game is taking our model of community-based nonprofit work and applying it to a fantasy roleplaying world of swords and sorcery. Basically my collective stray half-payijg attention Spaceman Spiff fantasies and ideas from 10 years of sitting in leadership team meetings and doodling on my agendas. Plus I can reuse all the program tracking software I’ve developed to augment the game…


MS Project - the Role Playing Game!

“You and a project manager from another department both need the same 0.5 FTE of engineering to hit your next milestone. Roll for initiative!”

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Like they say, Great minds…

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You can watch Deborah Ann Woll get her geek on in Campaign 2 episode 45 of Critical Roll- The Stowaway.

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