Decades of antigravity research went nowhere

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So basically a bunch of scientists managed to get the defense department to fund basic research on general relativity by dangling the carrot that it could one day be used for propulsion. I guess they laughed all the way to the bank.


The more time they spent on fruitless research, the more gravity the situation gained. They would’ve been more successful if they quit at the start.


It is completely unclear whether or not gravity is actually a force per se. It seems more likely that it is an emergent property.


Someone should have cut a long loud fart. That always destroys gravity.


Decades of antigravity research went nowhere

It didn’t go up. It didn’t go down. It just kind of, hung there.


Sounds like it was just flailing aimlessly without momentum.


I’m assuming at (a) this is just a way of funneling defense spending in to personal bank accounts, or (2) they are trying to pump the value of the Navy as a prelude to a public flotation.

Obviously they cracked the tech somewhere between developing jet engines but before supersonic flight…because…aliens?

Big caverite is suppressing cheap anti grav


I’m hoping it’s more like @Bernel’s suggestion that basically it was just a bunch of physicists doing real research about fundamental forces with some implausibly-dreamed military application keeping the funding rolling. I understand a lot of great science comes out of US military research.

Off on a tangent, I remember reading a book once called "how to build a UFO" in which they discussed the fact that people said UFOs fly on anti-gravity and then the author said something like, "Anti-gravity is a meaningless phrase. Anything that gets you further from the ground is working against gravity. A helicopter is an anti-gravity device, a balloon is an anti-gravity device, a step ladder is an anti-gravity device."

(It was a fun book written by a (maybe real) engineer who would explain that people’s kooky ideas about things were kooky and then present their own absurd ideas in their place. The first chapter was about how you could easily build stone henge with the technology available at the time - A frames, ropes, pulleys - but concluded with a throwaway sentence about how the author thinks they levitated the rocks with some kind of resonance.)


As a prelude to my main point, let me just acknowledge that obviously aliens helped construct Stonehenge and the Pyramids. Humans could never make a pile of rocks that big on our own. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense. That said, there’s some guy on the internet who single-handedly builds with massive concrete blocks using leverage and rolling roads. His site is like an old geocities site where he tries to sell a DVD he made, and I can only ever find it by accident. But his methods are viable and so obvious it hurts.


I haven’t heard anyone wonder about how the pyramids were built in a long time. But I swear, I used to want to say to people, “Have you ever seen a lever? 'things are fucking magic!”


I found the guy! Same principles he uses would work for the Pyramids. Check this out:


Queue Insane Clown Posse, “Leavers, how the fuck do they work?!”


Reading the video title: “Stonehenge Reloaded by only one white man!!!” sure makes it sound like there’s going to be a dodge later in the video where they get help from a large group of white women and non-white people.


Yeah, I was puzzled by them including his race in the title. It doesn’t have anything to do with the video itself. One of his sons holds a hose for him at one point, but he mostly does the work himself.


Add in some ropes and pulleys, and you’re going to see some serious shit!


My writings-links on the subject may be interesting:

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This looks like an interesting article, thanks for posting it. The involvement of Dr. Louis Witten is of interest; he is the father of Edward Witten, physic’s current heavy hitter with an LBA of .384.