Deep See Traveler 850, rolling dive bag


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I am always wary of having a bag that screams dive bag and makes it more tempting to steal. But this is better than many…

What is it’s weight? Even with a light bag I am often coming up near weight limits.

It isn’t bad. You can easily zip-tie it shut but that just begs the TSA to tear through it.

I don’t fly with dive gear anymore, I like my own but its really dialed in for California. I really can’t imagine flying anywhere but Seattle and San Diego that I might want it, and SD is getting awful warm for the dry suit.

They claim 11lbs. It is not light. Its sturdy and padded. Does 11lbs blow most airlines limits right off the bat?

I’m based in the UK, so flying happens occasionally - but not that often. The budget airlines may have a bag limit of 20kg (44lb) so it does make a difference!

Give UK diving a try some time, we have great wrecks - Scapa Flow is amazing, or there is good stuff out of Plymouth (and lots of other places). Probably not worth the transatlantic flight on its own, but if you are here anyway then bring your dive kit.

I had a great chat with one of the divers on the boat last week, he’s one of your nationals and had great tales of diving Scapa Flow. I’ve always been interested in that piece of history.

Definitely worth a visit - if you want the whole boat you typically have to book 18 months in advance, but the odd places come up - is worth a look if you ever find yourself over this side of the pond.

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