Deep-voiced politicians have an edge

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In that photo, is Christie describing his dinner last night?

I like to imagine that there is an alternate reality in which Barry White rules the planet as some kind of God-Emperor.


CSB: when I was a twenty something I went to work in an office with a lot of time spent on the phone. A guy that worked next to me never actually saw me for three+ weeks, but heard me all the time.

When we finally met, he exclaimed with much vigor, “you sure don’t look like you sound!!”

(He later explained I sounded like a posh, deep voiced ivy leaguer or Oxford chap, but I looked like a Sasquatch from Oregon)


It would certainly be a lot harder in person; but given that most voters never meet national-level candidates in person, I have to wonder if this finding will result in some sort of political-autotune arms race where televised and other recorded utterances are more and less subtly deepened for playback when handled by groups in favor of them; while being tuned just a notch toward whiny in the broadcasts of the enemy camp…

It would hardly be the most egregious tactic compared to a fair few that are already in wide deployment.

Lately I’ve been noticing that phone and digital connections often seem to alter women’s pitch up and I wonder how it affects how we are perceived by those on the other end of the call.

I’m pretty sure Margaret Thatcher had voice coaching for just this reason.

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Slightly off topic but I’ve always found it kind of fascinating how digital phone signals completely rewrite your voice, like an mp3 does with music.

Odd to think that you’re listening to a computers interpretation of what the person sounds like.

I often think it would be interesting to hear what people here (or people I work with, for that matter) sound like. I almost exclusively interact with project managers by email, but occasionally I’ll see someone’s profile picture or get a call from them and realise that they sound or look nothing like the picture I had of them for years. Most companies I work with have several offices around the world, so often I can’t even tell which country someone is based in.

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I just assume everyone sounds like Werner Herzog.


There’s really only one solution:

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