PartyLine lets you voice-chat with a stranger with differing political views

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The touchtone phones in the ad really evoke nostalgia for the pre-Gingrich days when Republicans would actually try to engage in good-faith debate. It’s a worthy effort, but personally not something I’m going to waste my own time exploring.


Yeah, color me doubtful as well.

On a slightly-related tangent, we had a party-line phone when I was growing up in the 1970s (it was cheaper than a regular account), which meant that at random times, I’d pick up the phone and rather than hearing a dial tone, I’d hear a couple of strangers talking to each other and would have to hang up and try again later.

Which means some stranger occasionally heard us talking as well. Pretty weird when you think about it, lol.


Why bother? It’s just going to be you and Aaron Sorkin


Yeah I can just imagine. “You agree about the economy being in the shitter but you disagree on whether you as a trans queer person should have equal rights. Discuss!”

I feel like this is kind of like climate change in a way. Like we can castigate individuals all we want, ask people to make changes, all that, but at the end of the day, there are giant entities spewing the garbage and polluting the environment and nothing is changing that. It can’t be up to each of us to “change people’s minds” when they are being warped by powers beyond our control.

Nice idea but no fucking thanks.


Sounds like a nightmare come to life.

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Isn’t this what Facebook is for?

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Why would I care what someone so deranged, hateful, and stupid to support Trump had to say? Not like I listen to cows to understand their viewpoints on important policies that affect my life, or to chickens regarding their opinion of trade relations with China. I am not going to expect to change the mind of a water buffalo on their opinions on policy decisions, and they are a lot more intelligent than most Trump supporters…

You must think very highly of yourself. Cows? Chickens? Water buffalo? Why don’t you tell us what you really think?

Welcome to the boards. I suspect you will have a great time here…

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Yes, the farm animal stuff is a bit of hyperbole, but I’m sure you wouldn’t waste your time debating someone so obviously ignorant, dull-witted, and/or judgment-impaired that they’d be sucker enough to consider America’s foremost public grifter since the 1980s as a suitable leader in any context.


Sounds like an interesting idea.

If someone wants to go first, please report back and let us know what your experience was like.


How do I know this isn’t just the starting point of a viral marketing campain for a remake of Pillow Talk?


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