Ajit Pai just stacked the FCC's advisory panel with dingo babysitters from big telcoms


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/11/this-is-fine-2.html



So what is it we do other than facedesk at just how blatant it all isecome? I ask because this one video sums up how i feel whenever any piece of news hits. Any news.


We really have to get rid of the GOP.


So they’re all big on unrestrained free markets? Does this mean the FCC will be cracking down on State laws limiting who can offer residential communications?




I hereby propose the “A dingo for every baby” tag.


On an asshole scale ranging from Mr Rogers (0) to @PIMPOTUS (10) I’m estimating Ashit Pai at somewhere between a John McCain (8) and a Paul Ryan (9).


There is a 'right wing branch of the democratic party and supporters that need to be dealt with, too. If the gop are the abuser, these tools are the enablers. It really couldn’t go on with out their support and excuses.


You are right. And as many long term die-hard democrats who are totally in denial that their party could be such sell outs.


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