Deepfake Willie Nelson for Omega Mart

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Tim and Eric opened a supermarket?


Hey, that doesn’t sound like Willie Nelson . . .


Shop Smart! Shop Omega Mart!


The future is gonna be straight up jacked!

Just never, ever, ever ask to see the Manager.

Especially when he is on his toilet break.

“Ash Williams, clean up in customer service.”

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Oh, it’s IMMERSIVE art…that makes it watchable…

Meow Wolf Santa Fe is awesome, and I imagine that the LV installation will match it.

I do notice that they’re selling tickets for an opening Feb 18th, which has to be a purely economic move, and not one that supports disease control or the safety of the public or their employees.

I get that Meow Wolf is now a multimillion dollar business, but it’s sad to see what started as a little artists’ collective putting together something awesome with a shoestring budget in a bowling alley donated by George RR Martin, turn into a business willing to sacrifice people for $.

The numbers aren’t good. In fact, one could argue that they’re pretty bad. There have also been reasonable ties between holidays and visits to Vegas and increased numbers in NV as well as other parts of the country…

Directed by Rob Beschizza.

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