Meow Wolf enters the metaverse mini-golf space

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We visited the Omega Mart Meow Wolf installation about a year and a half ago, a major undertaking as we aren’t in the US. The art was the reason for the visit, and the trip was built around it.

Omega Mart was a highlight of the trip, although we cut it short a little nervously when it became so packed that it was difficult to move around… this was right at the beginning of omicron and things were uncertain.

I know Vegas is a town designed around draining people of their money, but even compared to the casino where we were staying, nothing felt as designed to liquidate our wallets as the Area 51 complex.

We left, awed at the weirdness that we’d just experienced, but also couldn’t shake the feeling that our money was ultimately paying for the undercover security apparatus outside a very exclusive section of burning man that the regular poors aren’t allowed to visit.

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Hey this is exciting. VR Walkaboit Mini Golf is a suprisingly realistic and enjoyabke game. It is great fun to meet up with family memebers amd friends to play mini golf there. As someone who really enjoyed MeowWolf as well, I can’t wait to check this out.

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Midwestern Arizona…'kay. Denver.

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