Deer enjoys frolicking in a puddle in the forest


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Not to nitpick, but a more accurate title would be “Elk calf frolicking in a wallow in the forest”. Young elk are about the same size as an adult deer, so the confusion is understandable.


Hey - this water’s all muddy. Do I really have to drink it?


See, this is why I am glad humans invented television.

As much fun as frolicking in a puddle can be, it pails in comparison to gems like Storage Wars.


I was going to say the same thing. City folk…


On the other hand, I doubt they would find so tasty venison in any of the lockers.


Eww. I certainly hope they never find any type of meat in one of those lockers.


Jerky can last quite a while. Freeze dried meat as well, although it loses a lot of texture and structural integrity in the process.


Then there are the cans and pouches and MREs… Some can last for surprisingly long, if the containment material does not fail.


Haha yeah, I envisioned side of deer hanging from rafters, abandoned for months due to delinquent renters and Storage Wars: Texas. Can you imagine the smell?

But I suppose if one was to use a storage facility as a butcher shop, they’d probably go with a refrigerated unit eh? And I do love me some Elk jerky!


Man any cut of elk is an order of magnitude better than any beef I’ve ever had. I’ve gone to some pretty decent restaurants and had steaks not half as tasty as an elk sausage that’s been sitting in the freezer a month.


I’m a snob, I want the backstraps.


Gosh that looks like fun.



“When it rains in this state park, frolicking pools form in its valleys and recesses, but which forest animals will get there first?”

[Trashy theme music introduces cast]

[Bunny with gold chain necklace, flashing gang signs] - Thumper

[Doe rolling her eyes at buck] - Bambi & Buck

[Comic relief turkey with glasses] - The Gobbler

[Overweight fox in tank top] - The Vixen

[Bear with slashy beard and tattoos] - The Mauler


More broadly, elk are deer.


Just like a kid.

A kid whose mum isn’t there to tell them off because they’ll get dirty.



Why do animals play? Is there some literature on the subject?


For the same reason we do it seems; because its fun!


My hypothesis is that brains that reward self-training with the feeling of “fun” have higher survival rate than brains that don’t.