Goo from a deer's stomach is sort of like nature's pâté




I also think it is the first thing that wolves eat when they kill a deer. That is the alpha pair get to eat it.


Hah, you scooped me!

I was going to say: Wolves probably enjoyed this too, and maybe that explains why dogs are crazy about cheese!


At the end of the movie Tampopo the gangster, who’s a recurring character, tells his lover of a forest where wild pigs eat yams. Hunted, killed, and opened up quickly enough their intestines, grilled, create a yam sausage.

It’s a similar principle. I’d be curious to try both.


mmmh, stomach goo.


Yuck! Unicorn stomach contents chaser please!


If you said that it tasted like Nutella, I think deer would go extinct.


Neanderthals are extinct. Coincidence?

If deer eat a lot of acorns in the Fall, when gallotannins concetrate in the acorn and when it is coincidentally also deer season, would a hunter eating deer stomach contents run the risk of poisoning?


I’m guessing the location and diet of these deer would make a big difference.
For example, in West and South Texas, the wild pigs have horrible tasting meat (no idea about their stomach content), but Northeast Texas (TexArkana) where the land is richer and greener, the wild pig is delicious.


The goddamn smell! Yeah, as a hunter I have opened up many deer. When that ■■■■■ sweet horrible stench hits my face I recoil. I’m sure ancient people ate whatever they could, but if I have a deer in front of me, the stomach contents will be all the way at the end of the list. I will eat raw deer testicles before I taste their masticated and ruminated filth.


I think this is less an endorsement of the contents of a deer’s stomach, and more a condemnation of pâté.


I was thinking the same thing Black. I think the part that gets me, is generally it’s cold enough out when you gut that steam comes off the body and you see “the smell” right before it hits your nose.

While not as strong, gutting a pheasant is my least favorite thing to do.


Typically ungulate stomach contents are winter fare for those in North America before the arrival of Europeans, without it you would starve and suffer from malnutrition. One way to skip drinking milk to get the same thing (nutrition from a non-digestable plant via a biological fermentation in an ungulate’s stomach).


And on a side note, avocados are nature’s cheese. Now, if we could figure out nature’s crackers, we’d be set.


What the gangster says, in that particular scene, varies depending on the language that the movie was sub-titled in. For the moment, I can’t remember what it was in the French version. It wasn’t quite as bizarre as that. Something about a dish made in Chicago…

In Japanese, I’m told, the whole script is filled with plays on words. Like Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, I suppose.


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