Ewok vs. Mogwai


I duuno. I don’t think Ewoks would ruin good meat by spearing the guts like that. I see them strung on a line by their hindquarters as a more realistic depiction.

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Maybe it’s more a territory thing going down and these are a warning to the others.

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Or perhaps they’re part of a trap.

On a recent re-watching of that scene I realized that the dead creature in the trap was a deer with dentures shoved up its rectum.

(The art of deer-butt taxidermy was previously covered on BB by @pesco)

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I am so disturbed.

I think Luke shares your consternation based on that look on his face.

While Chewie just looks hungry…

Hey. Don’t knock Toothed Anus Space Deer until you try it.


Personally, it made me ill. But maybe I just had a batch of bad ass space deer.


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