Definition of “continent” challenged

The UK seceded from Europe some time ago. Please correct your headline.

It’s still Europe, regardless. The UK seceded from the EU.


This European no longer regards them as European. But hey, you do you.


I don’t think that’s how continents work, but Ok.


Semantics. We’re still in the transition period of the withdrawal agreement and have to abide by EU laws until december.

The withdrawal agreement provides for a transition period until at least 31 December 2020, during which the UK remains in the single market, in order to ensure frictionless trade until a long-term relationship is agreed.


I never consented to my removal from Europe


The EU is not Europe.


Nor did I.
And in legal terms it seems we may still be able to claim EU citizenship as it is additional to and separate from national citizenship.

You need to get at several paragraphs in…

The poll here seems to be a gateway needing completion before one gts to other pages

But this page shows the legal argument…

Back to the topic… excess deaths seems to be the metric du jour and UK’s is looking worse than most. In care homes it is running at 280% higher than normally expected (5 year average).


This is going to be surprising news for Switzerland.

And Norway.

And Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, Andorra, Montenegro, Monaco, Vatican City, Lichtenstein, Moldova, Russia, and Turkey.


I guess it was 1984 or so? My first trip “across the pond”. I told my hosts at a lovely London B&B over breakfast, “This is my first trip to Europe” and they said “Oh really, when are you going?” So England hasn’t really considered itself part of Europe for at least 35 years.


I know you don’t mean it that way, Rob, but if you knew how many Brexiters I’ve heard make that exact point in those exact words you probably wouldn’t say that.

It’s technically true but most Europeans consider this very much a secession from the European family of nations and the European set of values. It’s just the rabid Brexiters that see the EU as just a bureaucracy and can make a distinction between that and “Europe”


Well geography is partial on this case.

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The UK remains part of The Council of Europe.

Much to brexiteers chagrin, this is the flag of The Council of Europe.


Hosts at one London B&B != England. I’m English, and I consider myself European. I’m not unusual, either.


Attitudes have definitely changed between then and now. Not to totally disagree, but the number of people who (pre-Brexit referendum) would have described Britain as part of Europe was significantly higher than the number in 1980s. Not just about geographic status.


It is however true that even my most remain supporting and cosmopolitan friends from England tend to say “Europe” when they mean “the continent”. It’s not even a conscious decision, it’s just so engrained. And yes, I do believe that reflects something about the culture’s attitude towards us, but not necessarily the individual person’s.


I’m going to continue describing myself as European regardless.


The BBC is really hammering on this idea that the UK’s larger population makes this somehow inevitable. It’s such absolute horseshit. Germany’s population is much higher than the UK’s, and they’ve only recorded 8,000 deaths.

Totally agreed, and I couldn’t excuse the UK Government’s handling of Covid if I wanted to, but it is worth noting that the population density of the UK is over double that of Germany.

Sorry, but one encounter with one hotelier is absolutely no basis for a statement about the long-term opinion of an entire state.

Additionally, one English person’s isolated opinion is hardly representative of the entire UK. 'Cos ENGLAND IS NOT THE UK.

I am European, irrespective of paperwork. That paperwork says I’m British (for now). I’m still not English.


Nobody is saying that the non-English in the UK don’t consider themselves European.

It’s not only “rabid brexiteers” who make a distinction between the EU and Europe.

In fact, that’s a rather odd claim, given the many europeans who have never (and likely never will be) in the EU.

In the context of epidemiology and what European governments are doing to deal with rona, Britain is obviously a European country comparable to Italy, France and Germany.

Bringing Brexit into it was trolling in the first place, frankly, though there were (are) some Brexit-related questions relating to sharing resources.

“The EU is not Europe” or “Britain is obviously a European country comparable to the other ones” or “Britain is in Europe irrespective of membership of one supranational political entity” are plain facts. If they’re inconvenient here because they correspond with brexiteer rhetoric, too bad.