Defunct 19A0s Computer Company Name Generator


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This generates names of Defunct Computer Companies That You’re Sure You Can Remember From the 19A0s


Are all the Tory surnames intentional?

I’m sure I got a John Major cabinet on one refresh.


well spotted! Thatcher cabinets was my go-to for “bland, vaguely patrician old-world names”


Thanks, this is the most fun thing I’ve seen on the Internet since … well, you know.


Not sure which is better this or the videogame cover generator from awhile ago… thanks @beschizza!


Cool. Tebbitworks. One of the earliest makers of bicycle computers.


Weirdly, as someone who remembers the Thatcher Cabinet all too well, these all sound like they could be shouted by Mark E. Smith.


I still use my name generator that I wrote in the 80s for RPG names and online names.

Shoe Scanner
Fart Bull
Green Dolphin
Cthulhu Master
Ace Rover
Fang Frantic
Napoleon Dynamite
Wart Plume
Force Fop
Flying Hawk
Guppy Invincible
Mush Organ
Goth Shocker
Evil Damp
Tribe General
Ogre Rug
Close Treader
Rocket North
Thief Slicer
Stab Waster
Baboon Jack


Can we have a Trump auto-policy generator along the same lines?


I also thought Trumpington was funny.

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