Dehumidifiers demystified

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The GE APEL50LZ has the same specs as the Frigidaire for about $100 less and is the only thing keeping a rainforest from sprouting in my beach place. Looking at the overall design and control panel, there is a high likelihood it is even made by the same OEM.


Love the “demystified” part of the title! ^____^


Probably; there’s actually not very many companies actually making small/medium/large appliances anymore; most of the old familiar brands are just that: brands. Some are positioned as ‘luxury’ brands and others are budget brands, but the machine is, at the core, the same exact thing. There’s a gent on Youtube that has an explainer (albeit a bit on the wandering side, with a couple rants thrown in) about it.


“Test Results
Our findings were far from surprising. Larger capacity units removed more moisture more quickly than smaller capacity units. …
Another factor was CFM. Those units with higher CFM fans performed better. Those units with lower CFM fans performed worse”


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Good post. I didn’t know desiccant dehumidifiers was a thing. Perfect for cool and humid conditions like our basement, or for RVs/boats in the off season.

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There was a time in my life when this Guide would have been SO useful for me… Back in the day, I ended up with some kind of desiccant dehumidifier, basically a bowl with silica or something… You had to empty the bowls every couple of days… Not very efficient, though.

For my birthday I got both a humidifier and a dehumidifier. I decided to put them in the same room and let them fight it out.


The LG model that came with the house we bought just blew a capacitor and after wasting over $100 on the wrong non-returnable parts (or return shipping was greater than the part itself), I gave up on repair and bought this TCL model that was highly rated on Consumer Reports, but was half the price (or lower) than all competitors with similar cfm specs. It’s run admirably for the month we’ve had it. I guess the LG is going to sit there until I luck across the right part or give up and take it to the recovery agency.

Also, anyone need a dehumidifier compressor? I’ve got two different models to choose from! And cheap!


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