Humidifier vs Dehumidifier


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then forced them to fight like dogs and cockerels.

Poetry, sheer poetry.


Didn’t this start as a Steve Wright joke?


Been done, we do this all the time. The GOP is the humidifier. The Dems are the Dehumidifier. The right are trying to fill the booth with a fire hose. The left are trying to get healthcare for everyone.


Dry vs. Wet… Fight!


This is not even a fair or balanced test. It is far easier to put moisture into the air, than it is to take it out. Additionally…the humidifier’s effectiveness is limited to the amount of water it can hold. It’s supply is limited. The dehumidifier can keep going for far longer.

Stop trying to be a second rate Mythbusters. The show is over. Knock it off.


The difference would be even more extreme if you noted how much electricity each appliance used or matched them to a dehumidifier/humidifier that used the same amount of electricity. As Quori noted, it is just easier to get water into the air than out of it.


Yes. The second part of the joke is the experiment he should try: “Then I filled my humidifier with wax and now my room’s all shiny.”


Tastes wet! Less drying.


This was all just a ploy to gross people out with the word “■■■■■”.

Edit: - are there other words that boing boing automatically censors?





…and the winner is
drum roll

M O I S T!


There’s a real dehumidifier in the basement of the building I work in. It is able to extract several gallons of water a day. It looks like it cost a couple thousand dollars, and uses hundreds of Watts of electricity to run its compressor.

The tiny dehumidifier in this video only uses 20 watts of power, so I am not surprised that it’s only 5% as effective as the humidifier.


Larger ones do the trick pretty nicely. Your local rental store has one. Not usually more than one or two, these are pricy.


What if they’re going for premium mediocre?


Flawless victory!


HAHAH! very meta of you.


Yes. For example Charlie-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo or cuck. You can say cuckold though.


The best way to defeat the autocensor is to capitalize it, like you’re yelling, but sneak in a lowercase ell.


God bless Helvetica!