“Deleted scenes” finally explain how women stay perfectly styled in disaster movies

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If you ask me, women who wear flats have nicer legs, foundation - WTF?, and a woman who isn’t afraid of sweat - more please!

My question to the women out there, on the very scientifically-shaky assumption that this is genetic, why/how do the men-who-write-disaster-movie-scripts manage to reproduce, eh?

Is it just me, or is the river in the zombie scene at 1:20 completely motionless?

Also this makes a good bathing suit for the jungles of Australia and is so comfortable to wear beneath your clothing.


I imagine this is supposed to be funny, but it’s not surprising or transgressive to assign the ultimate blame to women. This is what generally happens. Bonus - first comment, too.

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It’s a serious question, turkeybrain. I’ve asked it a few times and it different ways. Fer starters, take The Good Wife:
1a) Why does the otherwise excellent series need to have Alicia all the female characters in that show as skinny as possible?
1b) Why can’t Alicia Florrick, despite having “graduated top of her class from Georgetown University Law Center in the mid-1990s” be taken seriously unless she’s wearing 3-inch spikes?
1c) Is this so that we can keep reminding women who’s really the boss - the men or that secretly all women just really want to be men’s playthings?

Jurassic Park:
Right off the bat: Older male-Dr. Grant / younger attractive protegée - Dr. Sattler? Jebus Farking Cripes! Why do actresses agree to such roles? Is this what passes for “creativity” in LA?
(Not to mention all of the others stupidity in that film…)

O, I pine for some Cagney & Lacey… Maybe it’s a NYC vs. LA/SoCal thing?


Because of entrenched patriarchal culture you’ll find over most of the planet. Repeat to yourself “people generally do what they have to to get by” twenty five times every morning, and then eventually you’ll come to accept that there are reasons people do the things they do.

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By accepting it, you perpetuate it.

/ “reasons” not the same as “good reasons”

// It’s the friggin’ 21st century, how long do I have to wait?


You acknowledge that the system is flawed, the culture is flawed, and it’s our purpose in life is to eradicate those flaws. It’s that simple.

Let me explain to you why this is a problem in regards to human rights; it reinforced the toxic stagnating ideal of gender roles, how each genders should act. That idea is toxic not only to feminist, but to LGBT community as well. It forces them to conform to said ideals, or to face public scrutiny to the point of suicide.

Everyone should have the rights to act whatever they want and do whatever they want; as long as they don’t threaten the wellbeing of everyone else. Sadly, passing the teachings of gender roles and other structural acts does threatens the wellbeing of everyone that falls out of line.

Until Gender roles ceased to be.

I never quite understood the makeup thing. Yes, some women look better with it on, but IMO most look just as good without.

I guess it lets some women look younger than they might otherwise? Then again, I’ve never been one to try and date more than a few years outside my age range.

You asked why, I told you why. You’re really complaining at me that I haven’t smashed the patriarchy yet?



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I could be wrong, but I read that post as being snarky, not ignorant. (As was my response.)

I remember watching that movie with my family as a kid. When that scene came up there was some awkward silence and my dad tried to break the tension by explaining “hey, everybody has a bottom.”

Even as a child my unspoken response was “not like THAT one…”


I, too, figured it was misplaced snark, but as it turned out he doubled down on the victim blaming.


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colon p, perhaps?


Tough to get the right impact, and still meet the 6 character minimum.

And yes, I was specifically going for a plaintext emoticon. I find it to be a drier response.