Delightful hanging bacon preserver


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Recognizing that immediate bacon consumption is a foregone conclusion, I just don’t see a need for such a superfluous product.


Obviously THC products are readily available at Beschizza’s locale o.O’.


I’ve tried all sorts of bacon-preserving polyhedra…

You guys aren’t even trying any more, are you?


How do you think all that bacon you’re immediately enjoying is made?

That’s right.

The Preservative Power of Pyramids!


Do you really find hanging parts of a dead animal outside your window delightful?
Would you also be delighted to hang a piece of dog meat? Human meat?


I don’t get it, do you actually hang bacon to dry in this? There isn’t even anything to hang it from inside this glass cage. I feel like I’m missing the joke here… Anyone want to help me out? Maybe a picture of it in action?


insert Hellraiser gif


I’ve been an idiot using prague powder.


It’s a (bad) joke. If you try to “preserve” bacon in this manner, you’re going to have 152 kinds of food poisoning.


Be careful, Rob!

Events at the center of the galaxy might de-energize your bacon! You could end up needing four pyramids and a CS137 isotope surgically removed from your body!

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