Delightful teaser for Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" new 4K theatrical release

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That ad was the result of a fun pitch to executives.


Oh, man. That might actually get me back into a theater.
Putting my brain into the way back machine… I worked at a grocery store in the 80’s when Stop Making Sense ran in one of the art house theaters in San Jose played it for the midnight movie for a long stretch of time on weekends. We went a bunch of times after work.
During “Life During Wartime” everyone in the audience would get up and run around the theater.
Good times.


I’m pretty sure I was there to see the original release on Friday night, Nov 16, 1984, and dragged along two of my friends. I think there were a total of three other people in a theater that had an occupancy of a thousand. Sigh. I enjoyed myself anyway.


If only David would have stayed together with the rest of the band when they preformed brilliantly at the RFHF induction ceremony in 2002! Talking Heads Perform "Psycho Killer" at the 2002 Inductions - YouTube


I went to see Stop Making Sense in the Sugar Club, Dublin a few years back. I assumed I would just sit there and watch it like any other movie and consequently, I was unprepared for Gen Z dancing in the aisles (and on the seats) from beginning to end.

I’m not complaining about it, it was still fun. It was just a much weirder experience than I was expecting.


He he he! I’ve only ever seen this before on the telly; and it was pretty mint then. Just seeing the suit made me smile.


… is there going to be a 16K remaster in another ten years, or would that be pointless :confused:


It will be released in 4d Sensodrama Vision.


Theaters should use this film to test their sound systems—if nobody is dancing then it’s not right


I’ve never seen it but have wanted to since I first heard about it! So it won’t be nostalgic for me, just long delayed gratification.

And this I want to see again:

ETA - some details New trailer shows off dazzling 4K restoration of "Dance Craze" ahead of film, soundtrack reissue


I just picked up a copy of this double CD last week, for £1 in a charity shop. Happy times!
Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 18.35.23

Back on topic - I’m not bothered about improved video definition but it IS about time I put the soundtrack back on my daily playlist again and/or dug out my old DVD to watch.

(Insert ‘why not both’ gif)

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It ran in the Ambassador in Dublin for years at midnight on the weekend.

We danced.

Every time!


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