Delta dumps countless suitcases for passengers to sift through

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So the passengers of basically just one flight had to sift through their luggage rather than having it presented to them on a conveyor belt. Not great, but no need for BoingBoing to go all Karen about it either.

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It does appear that we are talking about multiple cancelled flights worth of luggage here.

ETA: Which raises the question: were they at least sorted by destination?


…unless, of course, Dubuque was your destination. They’d be sent to Walla Walla instead.

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A flight was cancelled on me, but they somehow sent my luggage on. ???

When I came home, they couldn’t find a lot of our luggage, including mine. This time they’d put us on the plane, but not our bags. My worry increased when a fellow passenger told us the airline provides walmart gift certificates when they have to replace lost clothing. I laughed and said, “They’d better find our stuff, since walmart doesn’t have riding breeches and Icelandic stirrup irons, which are in my suitcase,” and they noticed my horse t-shirt and horse print rolling bag. Brows furrowed more deeply, and a few women started talking about having put their jewelry in their suitcases.

My suitcase was delivered to our house three days later, much to my relief, and I hoped all my fellow passengers got theirs, too.

ETA: It was southwest.


We left for a vacation just before omicron became a thing, and we returned with it in full swing.

Our return flights were in full emergency mode. The originating airport could not load them with food or water because nearly the entire ground crew had walked. The flight had already been delayed for an hour because of this, but of course the staff at our pickup airport decided to only let us know ten minutes before boarding. “You can go to to Chili’s, I guess, if you wanna. Thanks for choosing WestJet!”

When we went through the customs hall at our transfer point in Toronto, they hustled us through faster than I’ve ever seen. A quick glance at our passports and shouts at thre crowd of “Go! Go! JUST GO! Don’t stop moving!” There was no asking about our test results, our declarations, they only wanted to get us through as quickly as possible.

With three hungry hours to wait until the next (delayed) flight, we tried to go to our 24/7 lounge… closed. Restaurants? Closed. Quick serve? Closed. Not by any government order (ours has decided that government shouldn’t be in the business of public governance) but because everyone who works in the airport is sick.

When we finally arrived home, my luggage didn’t make the transfer… no ground crew. It ended up getting delivered by a random guy in a hatchback late on Christmas Day. I watched a travel segment on the news later where they approached the CEO of the airline for comment on the latest travel advisory, and he cheerfully told would-be travellers that despite the government’s advice, travel is safe and they’re not experiencing any disruptions. What an asshole.


Could be worse:



Just imagine the outrage if people were made to stand in a single line to a wicket where in they would give there bordering pass over, have it scanned, and wait till it is fetched from, from, from, somewhere.


Practically sounds like Waiting for Godot.


Sounds like you’ve got a Fringe show to write!


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