Delta fined for discriminating against Muslim passengers

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We used to have a simple rule in our hobby club team: if you say you cannot cooperate/be comfortable with someone from the team, then you will be the one who is asked to leave…


For a company like Delta fifty grand isn’t a fine; it’s change put into the coffee fund.


Maybe they should have removed the uncomfortable passenger from the flight instead.


The CEO makes 15 million a year, so it’s about a day of his salary, but very much doubt any of it comes out of his pocket.


I’ve often thought that passengers who report a fellow passenger as a potential threat should also have to get off the plane to assist the police with their enquiries.

After all, if you are genuinely worried, you’d rather miss your flight than die. But if you just think an Italian economics professor looks a bit swarthy and his differential equations are suspicious then maybe you’ll think twice…


The bad publicity will hurt… meh, until the next racist thing happens, then the internet will move on.

We need a racist business offenders registry.

They should be forced to publish a public note on the booking page of their website stating “Warning: this airline is known to actively discriminate against Muslims”

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Yeah, that struck me as laughably low, especially considering we’re talking about three people here. Really, let’s face it, it isn’t a fine at all - it’s the kind of modest amount of money that would be given to three passengers to compensate them for being booted from flights (and maybe their legal fees) - there isn’t any punitive element for the airline that would make it a “fine.”


In fact, no.

They should be forced to publish and enforce a line on their booking page that says something along the lines of : “Warning: this airline will remove anyone from their flight that complains about the race / looks / creepy feeling they got / language spoken by another passenger”!

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