Democratic Congressman says enough with the BS — he's resigning

Originally published at: "Frustrated" Democratic Rep. resigns


Any potential Republican candidates are currently unknown.

Yeah, so was Santos/Devolder/whathaveyou. Out in the burbs and rural areas, Republican candidates in NY are gaining ground. The complacent clownshow that is the Dem state party has dropped the ball again and again in fighting them, and might do it again in this case.


That depends upon the Governor of his state, who (in most states) gets to appoint a replacement when their national politicians exit or die during a term.

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So this guy ran for reelection in 2022 and started this current term less than one year ago. A little weird that he can’t just announce that he’s not running again but stay put for another year. Maybe he’s got a sweet private sector job lined up. Hopefully not as a lobbyist.


Governors do not get to appoint replacements to the House, only the Senate (in those states that allow governors to appoint replacements in the Senate). That’s in part a vestige of the fact that Senators were not originally directly elected.


i agree it does seem a little odd. maybe some skeletons were about to come tumbling out of the attic. or maybe the thought was to let some new person get name recognition, since incumbents often benefit?


It also literally says in the article that Kathy Hochul will be calling a special election shortly after Higgins resigns officially.


*received a lucrative private-sector job offer and decided fighting fascism is too hard


And people here think i’m being hyperbolic when describing western ny politics as being pretty dysfunctional…


He’s straight up resigning to become president of Shea’s Performing Arts center here in Buffalo:


My reaction would be, “jesus christ, just finish your god damn term”


That is technically a private sector job, but I can’t imagine it’s all that lucrative. It sounds very worthwhile, actually, but running a theater arts district in Buffalo can’t be a job that’s going to leave you set for life. I have a hard time believing it would pay more than his Congressional salary of $174,000.


People don’t want to think that their elected officials and/or preferred party are a disorganized mess. Despite so much evidence to the contrary.

He’s 64 and spent nearly two decades in Congress so if he was reasonably good with money he should be plenty secure to start transitioning into retirement and focusing on the kind of work he actually enjoys. I just hope this doesn’t mean Republicans get the seat.


Yeah, I agree with that take. This doesn’t sound like someone bailing for the riches of the private sector. This sounds like someone who just has had enough, and had an opportunity for a job with more joy present itself at just the right time.


His district includes the city of Buffalo, and since the 2012 redistricting has been pretty reliably Democratic. He’s been the representative since the redistricting, and has taken 65-75% of the vote at each election. So it doesn’t look likely a Republican will take the seat, but that’s no reason to be complacent.


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