Democratic lawmakers share a squalorous house in DC

This actually impresses me.

This is how lawmakers used to do it: they lived communally when they went to DC (or their state capital) and left their families at home. It saves money and energy and enables them to concentrate on their job while they’re there. They also end up socializing more, which is actually a good thing in politics.

If nothing else, this kind of situation makes it less likely that they’re cheating on their spouses.

A weekly maid service wouldn’t be a bad idea, though.


Agreed about the maid, that was my first thought. I remember an almost identical article from a few years ago, except they were freshman Republicans, and had a lot more Bible studies.

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I’d always thought of a Federally funded and built “Congressional Dorm” would be an interesting concept, with random pairings of critters just like in college.


Too many incidents of hazing. “Majority Whip” is actually just a euphemism for a coiled towel in the communal showers.


Check out this house in Australia’s capital Canberra. My favourite part is when the defense minister has generals visiting m in the garage as he can’t afford a room in the main house.

You mean “The Family”? I can’t remember reading if they lived in particular squalor, mostly because the concept in itself scared the crap out of me.

Yea, those guys. They’re dominionists, if you want some more crap scared. The story I saw didn’t mention dirty laundry, but come on, it’s a bunch of guys with no women around. You know it’s horrible.

Or the outcall Dominatrix they all share.


This sort of thing is why the House and/or Senate gyms were kept open during the shutdown.

Political commentators have often bewailed a lack of collegiality among members of the House andof the Senate. Some have suggested that because the members don’t live in Washington on a permanent basis, they have fewer opportunities to develop friendships conducive to working together.
Besides, their staff and lobbyists do most of the work-- the legislator is usually collecting campaign contributions

The members who share this house are George Miller (Democratic Congressman since 1975), Dick Durbin (2nd Ranking Senate Democrat), and Chuck Schumer (3rd ranking Senate Democrat).

Sounds like a close knit social circle among people who need to get out more. I really would not mind if Chuck Schumer was known for entertaining in Washington and building alliances. But no, he lives in a squalid flat that’s not fit for company.

Nah, just hang a sock on the doorknob…

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