Democratic Party lawsuit says Russia, Trump campaign, WikiLeaks conspired to hack 2016 presidential campaign

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Still waiting for the Democratic Party to admit and atone for its hacking of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign . . .


So, this is Plan B?


What is this going to solve? Sure, exposed corruption is always nice, but it’s not like Trump & Co. are going to sheepishly grin and say ‘yeah, you got us,’ and hand the keys to the White House over to Clinton.

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Comrade, not going to happen. The wolves are in charge of the sheep right now. The few of us Wolverines who remain need to regroup and work on our counter-intelligence and spycraft.

That isn’t the point. They’ll NEVER capitulate. I have “discussions” with these Trump freaks all the time. They can have the bare naked facts right in their faces and they still won’t agree to them. The only way is to force them out. They need to be beaten with sticks, sued, forced, coerced, bankrupted, imprisoned, reputation destroyed, rendered unable to continue. That’s how this works. Libs need to realize it’s hardball. I don’t think enough of us have, yet.

I’m sick of Democrats fucking around, too. When there are clear majorities in House and Senate, the D’s need to pull out the nuclear options. Shitcan Citizen’s United. Make voting day a national holiday. Re-do the Voting Rights Act. Repeal the Electoral College. Make Social Security and Medicare untouchable. Fix gerrymandering. I mean, all-out Constitutional war.

As Trumpers would say, “Dream on, buddy.” But I am dreaming this. And going to do everything I personally can to make it reality. Money, votes, putting the Trump aholes on notice by showing up for their stupid brainless discussions, etc.


Maybe they’re hoping that something from this will be hitting the papers around November?


Winkwink nudge nudge, comrade. Let’s go!


Love this!


The DNC should be ashamed of themselves. They rig the election for Clinton against Sanders, they rig the election with the bulk of the media, they spread lies about collusion and now claim just doing business or meeting with Russians constitutes collusion. The USA has been trying to rig elections worldwide for decades. The DNC tries to rig every election. I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. Go third parties! This action is callous, uninformed, premature, petty and a complete waste of time.


The goal of the Watergate hearings and subsequent impeachment of President Nixon wasn’t to install George McGovern in the White House. The goal was to hold corrupt leaders accountable for their actions.


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I’m not feeling particularly positive toward Jill Stein after the 2016 election either.


A nice and welcome symbolic gesture based in truth, but if the DNC thinks this will make liberals and progressives forget about the incompetence, complacency, corruption, and favouritism on their part that was exposed in 2016 they’re fooling themselves.

There’s plenty of blame to go around for this debacle and the DNC could go a long way toward helping itself by admitting its own culpability and promising not to repeat it.


Maybe the DNC should spend its time and money coming up with a narrative, a platform, and a candidate who won’t continue the Party’s downward spiral into irrelevance and extinction


Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising.

Not a altogether bad strategy, although I would have picked a date other than 4/20.


It depends on what happened at those meetings - was it making promises to the Russians for their support online? that probably fits the defintion of collusion.

by which I’m sure you mean libertarians, whose party are full of racist anti-government, hardline capitalists. No thanks.


I hope you bathe with hot water and soap, like very deep clean afterwards.


You can’t turn back the clock on the election, which is a really big problem for democracy in general. In the UK they are grappling with cheating by the Leave camp in the referendum. Someone might go to prison, but if the stakes are the UK staying in the EU or leaving the EU, a person going to prison is an insignificant cost. Holding individuals accountable doesn’t sufficiently deter this kind of action, but it would be totally out of place for the courts to invalidate the election results a year after the fact.


The difference is a) the DNC messed with their OWN in-party preliminary election, and b) the RNC may have had help-from or worked-with a foreign government to change the outcome of a federal election…

The leaders of the DNC are still terrible, but there is a whole 10x difference if what the RNC is accused of turns out to be true.


Go third parties!

So you’re a libertarian then. Which is really just to say you’re an embarrassed republican with more repugnant and ignorant economic views and that you enjoy yolking yourself to racists. Congrats!

Also interesting how every article that mentions Russia gets these brand spanking new accounts who try to make these rational sounding arguments that aim to further divide dems from themselves.