Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark


The peacock would have sounded the same, ironically.


It started before liftoff - why weren’t the parents told to leave the plane?

What about not taking their demonic brat on an airplane?


Actually it’s mother was speaking english so I guess it’s more like „future president“ … and it’s totally in line with what the US electorate thinks is an appropriate representative of its country recently


They could not fly.

I know it is an unpopular opinion with parents who don’t want to deal with their children’s behavior, but I do have children myself and a couple of years ago I made a decision not to make a 10 hour flight with them because they, I and the passengers around us would have had a shitty time get whole way.


I want to try and say something reasonable and fair about this but it’s difficult. As a passenger I would be asking the flight attendant to find me another seat or telling them they need to do more about the Mom and her kid. If an adult did anything similar they ground the flight and have them arrested, supposedly disruptive behaviour is a crime - this kid’s behaviour is disruptive.


The parents made the choice to have the child. The other passengers on the plane didn’t choose to spend eight hours with a screeching hellion.


Corporal punishment is against German law for parents or guardians. I am not sure, but restraining or sedating that child may also be against German law, unless there was an immediate danger. I believe that this is the reason why the staff did nothing. If this is a Lufthansa plane, German law would apply for most of the flight.

Please do not tell me that the law should be different, I am not German and have no say in the matter. Please do not ask me either how parents are supposed to discipline their kids in Germany. The law defines what you can’t do, not what you can do. Note that in some circumstances, parents may not have to pay for the damage caused by their children, I have seen that argued in court.

I would also not assume that this child is autist or has ear pains. True: the length of the tantrum is exceptional, but I have seen some German kids throwing worse tantrums, who grew up to be perfectly balanced adults.

Last but not least: this kind of tantrum, while not unheard of, is rare. The vast majority of German children is better behaved.


Only if you believe in the forced victimisation of POC.

In my experience POC travelling overseas to Europe are not those who let their kids run wild but are on the contrary among those that have been expected to do better and thus expect better of their children.

Years back when my daughter was 3 and cute as a button a 5 year old girl came up to us on a >10hr 747 flight where we were seated almost all the way in the back and asked “can we play together?”. Sure!

So for a few hours until the sleep time of the trip we could hear them periodically as they played up and down the plane, up one aisle and down the other, not screaming or running but singing and talking and laughing.

As we were walking out the plane every single stew all the way up to and including first class said “bye little one” to her and “Oh so you’re her parents” to us.

Had she been a problem I assume that someone would have come back to ask us to keep her with us.


The child is probably not german and more likely US American (the flight going to NJ) because the mother is speaking english to it and the flight attendants (who are very likely to speak german as well as english).


FYI the word Kind may be neuter in German, but to refer to a human being by the pronoun “it” in English is considered, at best, archaic, and usually just offensive — it implies that the antecedent is an inanimate object :wink:


I don’t know about sedating the kid - but the parent could give me something strong if i’m on this flight.


Amen to that. The other passengers have 8 hours of this (which is horrible), the parents are in it for life. Even if it’s their own fault by being bad parents, some people just don’t have the talent and they’ll only find out when they already have the child.

Letting the child do anything it wants seems to be damage-control-mode for the mother, she probably knows the demonic screaming will get way worse if she straps the child in. I guess htis mother will not fly with this child unless absolutely forced to :slight_smile:


Now there’s an idea :slight_smile: , just bribe the other passengers.


How, pray tell, do you get from germany to Newark if not by plane? charter the Titanic?


That was my intention.

That’ll shut it up for sure. Bit drastic though.


I was giving a sly nod to Godwin… Future Chancellor… of the USA…


And you people still bitching about current millennials ? See people ? What the future will bring ?


My parents tried that on me (maybe not specifically 'ludes but some kind of sedative), for this reason, when I was a toddler. They said it had the opposite of the intended effect.

So, possibly, there’s that.


In his case, special needs = parachute.


Hmm. You watch the video and think “demonic brat”, I think “child with a disability”.

I think you identify with the person recording (and posting) the video.
I identify with the family who may have been in an impossible situation.