Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark


I never travel without earplugs. Ones that make an airtight seal
between the plug and the eardrum. I get to choose between
aggravation and peace!


I always try to take this philosophical approach when other people’s lives intersect with my own. For me, the trip will end.


Were I in this situation, I think once I understood the situation (ie, the child’s autism), it would’ve been easier to deal with it.

Plus: the guy who took the video. What a “hero.” You know that, minutes into it, the guy was pushing RECORD and thinking This will make great material for my youtube channel! He spent hours editing and captioning, all for us to be scribing about what a poor victim he is.


I’ve taken my daughter from DC to Hong Kong when she was under 3 a few times. That’s a very long flight and I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t have that experience. If I had that experience then I have to make a judgement call that if she can’t calm down then for the benefit of the rest of cabin, electronics it is and I have to work on making her behavior. Thankfully she travels well and only once did I have to take her into the bathroom and try to get to stop crying/screaming probably because of her ears haven’t popped. Except for that one incident, she was very behaved, entertains herself, and said hi and bye to everyone in the aisle. It’s quite a relief and I don’t take it for granted how lucky my wife and I are.


Thank you! I was thinking, “but they haven’t even taken off yet…”

Also, actually filming visuals of the child’s face is wrong. Record the screams all you like, but leave that child out of it, especially since the stated intent is to blame the parent for what’s happening.

And btw, since this is a 5-minute video that’s supposed to represent an 8-hour flight, I had to check the source, and he’s an artist with a YouTube channel, so he’s real. Probably one of those awful flights, which is what most people on the flight not recording the child’s face are thinking.


Put your ear buds on a go to sleep. It’s a child and parent having a bad day. Deal with yourself.


Maybe that was not an option. There are some circumstances where a cross-Atlantic trip is required.

My daughter and I once boarded a plane for a 10 hour flight. We sat near someone who was incontinent. That was not a fun flight. I might have preferred the unruly child over the uncontrolled smell. But even then, I felt considerable sympathy for the person with the incontinence issue.

It’s certainly possible that this was an obnoxious, unruly child being raised by uncaring, incompetent, self-centered, neglectful, or overly indulgent parents. It’s also possible that this is a child with an emotional/behavioral disability having to travel internationally out of necessity and the parents are exhausted, stressed, frustrated. We don’t know the circumstances of the family’s travel. We only know the inconvenience that the video-taker felt on that 8 hour flight.

Perhaps as you watched, you identified with the video-taker. I can understand that. However, as someone who was raised with two siblings who have disabilities, I identified with the family.


Well that’s an imigrand that should have his visa denied.


Someone mentioned above about kids who react poorly to anti-histamines like Benadryl. My daughter is one of those…this is not how she behaved. She had an abundance of energy like she was on espresso…not like this kid does.

As a parent of 3 who has flown extensively with all 3…my simplest observation is this kid is an undisciplined brat. There is no way this is acceptable ever for a kid to behave. The parents clearly do not have any control over him and have zero sense of discipline in their household. I am absolutely sure this child behaves this way ANYWHERE…not just on the plane.


At that point it’s too late. The parents failed the child long ago and now there is nothing to be done. “parenting” wont work at this point - that requires patient conditioning which is not evidenced here. They should be added to a no fly list and banned from air travel for life.


You guys are being jerks.


Wow… there’s something legitimately wrong with this kid. Glad to see that most people agree that the way to deal with an obviously disturbed and likely disabled child is to beat it, scream at it, drug it and fuck any consequences or just leave it behind. Don’t they have orphanages for pieces of shit like this? Why didn’t some one just give her an abortion… on the flight. I mean yeah… think of the inconvenience of the poor people on a flight. Somebody has to think of the real victims. Real victims quietly sit around filming kids and putting it on the internet to shame them without even knowing what might be going on especially when the kid is showing profoundly unusual behavior for it’s age. Because it’s still cool to shame a kid in front of the whole world if you think it’s just really telling a mother it’s all her fault. Oh and yeah, everything is caused by shit parenting. Look, kids that age normally don’t act like that. Yet we get this video and a lot of blah blah blah.


This is what happens when you force a person with emotional issues to flush their emotional support hamster down the toilet right before a flight.


Groan. Let’s not concern troll over safety here… A six-year-old kid is not a drunk adult.


Wow, looks like that child may have some mental health issues.

Children on the autistic spectrum often react poorly to mild changes in routine let alone a situation like the security theater that sometimes drives full grown adults to madness.

Suprised to see happy mutants think it’s ok to label a disabled child a “demon”, “hellspawn” and other marginalizing terms.

At the end of the day, the FAs should not have allowed a child who is out of control to fly if the parent could not de-escalate. The anger directed at this child rather than his parents or the flight crew is surprising to me.


Holy cow i would have been livid if i was on that plane. For sure i would not chastise the kid or the parent directly as that might escalate the situation, but i would for sure pressure the staff to do something about it. As far as i know having someone tearing up and down the aisle being disruptive is a safety issue.



I haven’t looked at the comments yet since i’m coming to the thread late but that’s pretty much where my mind is at. The kid is just a kid, even if he’s misbehaving i wouldn’t place my anger on them. The parent i would be quite upset and annoyed at but i wouldn’t confront them about it as i’d rather leave that to someone whose responsibility it is to address it.


From the mom’s accent, most likely they’re returning US citizens.

So as with many things, actual immigrants would probably make better citizens than current native ones…