Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark


Seriously,if the parents just paid everyone on the plane $5 that could go a way towards making it right. Even though it would be a token fee nowhere near enough to actually compensate every other passenger - it would be something.


Hell, I couldn’t even make it half way through the video with that child of Basphomet screaming. You can see the other passengers are clearly being affected. How can this be allowed to happen when on other flights folks are beaten and dragged off and arrested? I know he’s a child, but surely there must be tiny handcuffs and ball gags available for this sort of situation.


By everyone a drink… make mine a double!


This is the thing. Even if these parents don’t happen to be Mr. and Mrs. Piaget, there are definitely more factors at play here. There are a lot of bad parents in the world, yet not that many 3 year-olds screaming for 8 hours straight in a tube filled with strangers. That’s a feat. Is everyone on the internet really crediting themselves and the people around them for having prevented this behavior in their own children? No. Your clever and oh-so-patient time-outs and star-sticker reward systems did not exorcise your child of this particular behavior. This wouldn’t have happened to you anyway. Count your *ahem* blessings. The only saving grace of parenting forums is when someone comes along in the middle of a thread full of self-righteousness and says, “I had 4 kids who were angels, and I thought I did everything right, the the 5th one came and there was just nothing we could do

Demonic would be the right word here…if we were still in the fucking Dark Ages when every disability and personality quirk were interpreted through a Priests Guide to Demonic Possession.


That kids a real smart alec. Playing with her food and then choking on it.


Yes, shit happens. When my daughter was 0.75, we took her to visit family. On the trip back, she was having some kind of intestinal event. Well, we had packed some diapers and wipes, but we were unprepared for what happened.

She shit full diapers 4 times on the plane and 3 more times on the bus home from the airport. At first, we were able to catch most of the shit, with only a little spilling out and getting on us and her swaddling blanket. We were able to scoot to the bathroom quickly pretty much every time on the plane.

But on the bus, we were out of diapers and wipes and unable to move as fast to the bathroom for whatever reason. I told my wife to just let me handle her for the trip home. The front and back of my pants ended up being covered in shit. I looked like I had a fight with a clogged toilet. The bus seat was soaked in shit, too. There was shit on the floor from dripping. I didn’t want my wife to have the same thing on her clothes, although she did get a little bit of it. We made it home, sitting on spare towels that I had in the car, and cleaned up and everything was all fine. Daughter was fine, as if nothing happened. On the way to our car, I told the bus company person at the curb about the mess and they understood. It was no big deal. People didn’t say anything to us. But it was totally gross. Nasty nasty.

Sometimes a trip doesn’t go exactly as planned. And a word to new parents out there: take spare diapers, and then take a few more. You never know what’s going to happen.




I attribute a child’s behavior directly to their upbringing. If your child knows how to behave in a given situation, it’s because they’ve been taught - or not. Free range parenting is one thing - irresponsible passive acquiescence is bullshit. (typed from Parsippany, NJ)


Nope. Not always.

My daughter, as a child, had the ability to scream for eight hours straight at deafening volume. We would wear over-ear hearing protection and earplugs on unavoidable car trips, and we could still hear her just fine.

The only way to stop it would have been to cut her throat and let her bleed out. Anything else just prolonged it.

No I am not exaggerating. This is literal truth, that I lived, that my spouse lived, that our extended family lived. She was like that from the day she was born until she was almost six.

At about four years old, she gained the intellectual capacity to understand that we needed her to stop it, and the ability to tell us that she was suffering motion sickness. Through diligent effort we helped her gain the self-control she needed, that she was not born with, and now she’s fine.

(My son was a lot easier! “I’ll give you something to scream about” worked perfectly on him, as it does on most children.)

That was my strategy, basically - keep my child as much away from others as possible when she was screaming, and do everything I could for those who were forced to endure it with us.

This! This is the real lesson to learn, people; be ready to take control of your head.

I am pleased by the congruity of your usernym and comment. Keep up the good work!


…Really? The translator takes it seriously? This kid is actually doing a bit of satire there, he got tracked down and asked about it. He made the video when the German government was doing some amount of hand wringing over the effects video games have on our precious children, and so he was showing off what the bundestag (I assume it was legislative, might’ve been a court decision or something…) thought that video games made kids become.


Wow, I expected higher production values on the new Exorcist remake.


At this point “it’s” just offensive, generally used by bigots thinking they’re making an “It’s Pat” joke at the expense of trans folk


Ahh, nature vs. nurture…

So genetics play no role in human behavior?


Btw the worst people on the planet are people who are too cheap to buy a separate seat for their infant or toddler on a long international flight. The children are never comfortable on their parent’s lap and usually scream and cry the entire time.


Yes! The obvious solution! Slap her again, hard!


is the cake still not sweet enough


I’m sorry, but Hawkeye was being a little whiny-baby in that episode. 10 Seasons of being smug in the face of war and nastiness and he has a breakdown over that?

Now Winchester got the real gut punch of the final episode. After discovering the Chinese band and trying to protect them as prisoners of war, he is dumbstruck when they are all killed by random artillery. Music appreciation was deeply ingrained in the character and came up in a lot of very nice moments in the show. This was just the brutality of war stepping on what was personally important to him.


so it couldn’t be just an unimaginable new behavior the child suddenly developed on boarding right?


I didn’t realize that version had so much commentary in the beginning. I swapped out the video with one that didn’t.


If this was happening for an hour while the plane was still on the ground, why wasn’t the plane taken back to the gate? They’ll turn around and land a plane to boot a disruptive adult without a second thought.

Honestly, I would have been asking them to take us back to the gate, so that one of us - either me or the child -
could get off the plane. Screaming child is a sound I CANNOT tune out. Having five 5 year olds in the house has put me curled up in the den with the door closed rocking after an hour. I would have been catatonic by the end of that flight. I see everyone worrying about a non-neurotypical problem child, what about non-neurotypical passengers? “Just turn up the music and ignore him” is not a viable option for everyone.