Boy repeatedly spit on air passengers, mom banned from airline

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Banned from Ryanair? Sounds like she did herself a favor.


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“We got a spitter over here”!


I’m not in favour of slapping children, but in this occasion I pretty favourable for a good old “bitch slap”.


I often wonder if the staff here needs a proof-reader.

My services are available…


I’m not confident I wouldn’t have spat right back in the kid’s face. If you can’t take what you dish, then you have no business dishing, after all. And I can spit hard.



The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane.


And @TobinL Terrain in Maine is stained with acid rain.


He’s from Barcelona.


Did people who had kids with behavioral disorders just not travel when I was growing up, or what?

Or does our more enlightened approach to what amounts to abuse when dealing with neuro-atypical or behavioral disorders in children paralyze parents/guardians when it comes to minimizing the impact their circumstance has on bystanders.

Maybe those kids were always on the plane, but they were kitting the shit kicked out of them until they were silent. Or being drugged stupid.

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Then the boy’s “unruly” behavior continued on the plane

Just wait till he applies that attitude toward commenting on the interwebs


I guess even Ryan Air has its limits.
Who knew?


I suspect that sometimes the strategy of never punishing children backfires. Some toddlers are susceptible to reasoned arguments, some are not. Parents either learn to ignore the horrid behavior, or try bribery, which is only effective in the short term. When you take spankings off the table, there are going to be some kids that are not going to learn decent social behavior. One of my kids never needed much in the way of punishment at all. The other was so stubborn that no punishment was effective. But people really should be considerate of others. If they want to live in a world where the child is in charge, they should not drag the rest of us into their personal hell.


This seems to follow a pattern I’ve noticed before: kid misbehaves, kids continues to misbehave, parents ignore it for whatever reasons, strangers step in, parents get their hackles up and say no-one gets to tell them how to parent.

Well, here’s the thing, parents: people will wait for you to make the first move, since it is your kid, but if you don’t do anything, yes they will step in. Because now it’s not just your kid misbehaving, it’s you.

It’s nice to think your parenting can happen in a bubble, but as soon as your kid is harming or disturbing people around them – by hitting, screaming, being rude, or spitting – your family has invaded other people’s private space. They’re not invading yours by asking you to do something.


Does that mean the mother can’t buy a gun now?

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Lady, Ryanair’s poor employees are not paid enough to deal with your kid’s shit. Or yours, for that matter.

Do your job as a parent and let your human-in-training know that he needs to keep his bodily fluids to himself in public, or other people will (rightfully) complain about your parenting skills.


I think you have never had a 2-year-old. You don’t just tell them to do something, or not do it, and they go do that. Not so simple. Then there’s the added point another commenter brought up: this particular kid might have some condition like autism that is going to make redirecting them a level more difficult.That is like have a 2-year-old with a 1-year-old’s emotional level and learning skills. Maybe they could have handled it better. But walk a mile in their shoes before you dump on them.

I have autism. I did stuff like that as a 2 year old. Non-autistic two-year-olds do, too.

My parents at least tried to stop me back before I learned to stop, and apologized to other people when they couldn’t stop me in time, rather than letting me run around doing disruptive stuff basically unsupervised and then throwing an adult tantrum when another person was bothered by it and let them know.

I’m not blaming the toddler in the slightest here, but its a two year old, this isn’t some teenager or young adult who could actually physically overpower someone and needs medical help to restrain.

She couldn’t at least pick them up and try to distract them with something else fun but not kind of a health hazard to do?