Woman who got kicked off flight for screaming about crying baby gets Curb Your Enthusiasm treatment

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Oh shit, there are consequences for my actions? I’m really sorry then!


I dunno if I am weird, but small babies crying don’t bother me. Well, I do find it annoying and discourteous at a movie theater. But planes, restaurants, etc, it doesn’t bother me. Babies cry and they aren’t really that loud.

Toddlers throwing fits are a different story, but most of us have been there. I haven’t, I had the most well behaved kid in the world. And one time she did have a rare tantrum at like 4, I had not 1 but 2 people tell me how adorable she was. LOL. Stinker.


I don’t have little kids anymore so I admittedly find small ones fairly annoying, but I’m not yelling at anyone unless their kid is really doing something outrageous. Most often it’s far easier to simply move away from them.

On a plane it of course gets tougher. People have anxieties and stress. And your crammed into the anchovy can together. It’s not hard to ask to move to a different seat. And if that isn’t possible bring along some damn noise canceling headphones and drown it out.

I’m assuming she was on a relatively short flight anyway. They weren’t heading to freaking New Zealand. Suck it up buttercup.


Clearly she’s not used to service industry people having any actual power to fight back against abusive customers. I’m sure she acts like this all the time to retail and restaurant workers- too bad most of them don’t have the authority to have her banned.


Yeah, mind your own business is a good rule.

And unless you just have a baby left alone, rolling on the floor - a parent is probably doing what they can to calm their baby. It isn’t something one always has control over. They are babies.

Older kids I can see frustration warranted, but typically you getting involved won’t help. If you do get involved it would be to offer a distraction, not admonishment.


Exactly. I’ve seen younger kids who I think are total brats and the parents just laugh it away or ignore it.

Me saying “you’re a shitty parent. And you’re kid is a jerk” is not going to help. :slight_smile: even if it would make me feel better.

I’d rather just remove myself from the situation when possible.


Thusly the person that invented ear buds is our hero, she never heard of them I guess…


For me, crying babies are like fingernails on a chalkboard. Every screech makes me wince. But I’m not going to yell at anyone about it. That’s the natural consequence when you choose to go outside and interact with the other humans. Sometimes their lives and yours won’t coexist harmoniously. You deal with it.


Oh Mister44, you’ve been there. Shrieking about dropping your iced cream or whatever, red faced, snot nosed.

Unless you’re a robot, of course.

And probably during childhood, as well.


I don’t even hear a baby crying in the video. Just this woman making a scene.


My wife and I were having lunch out the other day at a sit down restaurant, and someone had a child with a real healthy set of lungs. Yeah, like nails on a chalkboard, that shriek was. I just hunched down, waited for it to pass, and focused on the menu.

Always travel with ear plugs. The cheapo set of in ear noise canceling headphones I picked up are another comfort.


I think it’s one of those things that used to be part of the normal background noise of living near other human beings, but nowadays so many people can go throughout their daily routines without encountering young children that some people entitled to live out their lives without having to see or hear them.

Bingo. People who say “I can’t stand children” are as boorish as those who say “I can’t stand old people.” Grow the fuck up and recognize you’re part of a society.


I drew the line at the middle-schooler kicking the back of my seat. Fortunately, there was an empty seat or two and, after explaining to the attendant that I’d asked nicely three times and involved the parents, they accommodated me.


When our daughter was born, she had the amazing ability to scream with equal intensity on the exhale AND inhale stroke. It’s was pretty horrifying to listen to.


Have you had your hearing checked recently? :wink:


Ever since I had my own kid, the sound of crying or screaming is just more background noise that I can typically block out… especially knowing that it’s not my kid making all the noise.

I think having my own child gave me more tolerance for the little annoyances that inherently come with children.

Bad parents, who just let their ill-behaved kids run amok, however… I have as little tolerance for them as ever.


If you’re weird, you’re my kind of weird. Because crying babies in generalized atmospheres also do not bother me. Because they’re babies, and other than that, pissing, and shitting, it’s about all they do.


Wait, her power play was to tell them she work(ed) for NYSCA? Um, ok. That’ll rattle them for sure!

BTW, NYSCA is NY State Council for the Arts. It has about the same authority as a tourism promotion board.