Woman who got kicked off flight for screaming about crying baby gets Curb Your Enthusiasm treatment

Is she now learning the saxophone? Because that’s some good circular breathing!


If an exasperated parent looks at me with guilt during a flight, I give them the thumb’s up and tell them that I know what they’re going through.


It sounds like she wasn’t actually fired yet, just placed on leave.

Plus, aren’t earplugs standard equipment on a flight? (I’m never without them.) If she’s that sensitive she should be ready for the eventuality of louder neighbors.

To her arrogance, though: can you imagine the innumerable times when she’s not recorded that she has been pulling these stunts? It’s distressing that she was in any position of power over other people for any amount of time.


My brother almost got to this… a family with a baby got moved next to him and he complained that “no one thanked him”.
At first I thought he was kidding.
He wasn’t.
It was the start of a very bad weekend.

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I haven’t joined the noise-cancelling headphone/earbud club, but I’m down with the earplug party. I need to make a little pop up sign that says “Please don’t wake me, but please put like four gins on this tray table”.

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