Dennis Hopper's '60s-'70s photos taken with disposable camera


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I’m surprised it was so easy to get a drugstore to print nudes back then.


Depends on whether or not someone was paying attention. Once developing machines came around (which is what enabled “drugstore printing”), most of the process was automated. The prints would be cut and then would drop into a collecting tray, one on top of the other. If the operator wasn’t sitting there inspecting every print as it came out, they might only see the last print on top before they were all stuffed into an envelope.


Or if you’re the kid working behind the counter, just take one or two risque ones for yourself and act like nothing was out of the ordinary.

What, is Mr. Hopper going to return and start demanding “Where are the rest of the nudie pics I dropped off? I’m short at least two nudie pics!”?


Yes, I could easily see him doing that.


I do not own this book, but I have paged through it, it’s awesome beyond words…

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I like the one with the UFO.


Ca. 1990 one photo store in the city where I lived had a machine set up so that you could watch everyone’s prints drop into the tray through the window.


Probably, yes.


Man, that dude was living the life.

He was in “Rebel Without A Cause” with James Dean, Sal Mineo, and Nick Adams who were all soon dead. Natalie Wood doed a bit later.

The times that patch of unspoiled desert must have seen.

Mr. Hopper should have designed album artwork for Rob Zombie

Hey! This isn’t a library! If ya ain’t gonna buy anything put it back on the rack and get outta here!

As if you could get prints made of religious art photos from the Vatican Museum or such places back in the 1990s.

I worked in a Walgreen’s photo lab for a couple of months in 2000. They had a shoebox full of weird misprints that included a couple of grotesque nudes. I once got a call from someone who asked if we actually looked at the pictures we developed. I certainly did for the rest of that shift.

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