Dennis the Menace pitches in for No Pants Day

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When you work from home, every day is no pants day.


until you discover pajama pants. then every day is pajama day.


And no underwear day. And no anything else day.

Seriously, during the first few months of the pandemic, I’ve only washed two to three complete outfits total. And one pair of socks.


I mean, when its cold I do wear pajama pants. Warm I put on these loose fitting shorts half the time. Well… about half the time…

Last year I had a guy knock on the door to say they were replacing the decking that leads to my apt door. I forgot the shorts. But if he noticed he was cool about it and didn’t let on.

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I’m not quite that level… but yes, saving the earth through reduced water consumption.


hope anyone going pantsless in the spirit of the day has the good sense to still wear something presentable down below.

But my birthday suit is the finest suit I own! It’s not only radiant, but also mildly radioactive!


Howdy neighbors, hey! I got two words for ya! No pants! Ha ha yeah, it’s the fabulous fashion sensation that’s sweeping the nation. So gather round and pull them down!

– Hugh Neutron @ time 15:20

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The Peas Twins adore Flight of the Conchords (and Brett & Jemaine solo). They developed a routine around using the word “deck” in a Kiwi accent. For example “Wow, you have a magnificent deck!”

So many possibilities arise from your comment.

“I’m here to replace your deck.”

“But it’s mostly fine and I’m really attached to it.”

“We’ll just cut out the parts of your deck that are rotting.”

“Ok, but make it quick. I’m having a date later and plan on inviting them to my deck.”

And so on…


No, David!!

This also sounds like the type of holiday Calvin would support.


It’s a good thing I’m in Tijuana, because I’m expecting a furniture delivery on Friday.

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Wait, now there aren’t enough clothing donations? I thought Marie Kondo had precipitated a crisis of too many clothing donations not that long ago?

I discussed this with my spouse and we figured this mostly applied to clothing for babies and children who outgrow and/or destroy clothing at a rapid rate. There also is a need for very nice clothing for people at the poverty or homeless level. While they have clothes in general, they often lack suitable outfits for job interviews, work etc.


There is a charity for that around here. May well be everywhere. I will have to search up the name


It is for women and local. Phone/internet did not want to deal with their other pages so there may well be further links.


“Oh, sure, you have a whole day dedicated to No Pants, but when is there a day dedicating to Yes Pants?”
this hurt to type and yes I’m ashamed and crying

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